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Hello world, I need advice.


I want to get dual citizenship. Here's the situation:


  1. I am a US Citizen
  2. My mom is a US Citizen
  3. My dad is a US Permanent Resident via refugee status, born in Laos.
  4. My dad's father is from Laos (died in the US)
  5. My dad's mother is from Thailand (died in the US)
  6. This makes my dad half Thai.
  7. Based on my research, the Thai law says you are Thai based on bloodline.
  8. That means I have Thai blood, so that makes me Thai.
  9. We have blood relatives on my grandmother's side in the Chaiyaphum province.
  10. We believe my grandmother's name is registered on the house records.

*Marriage isn't an option for me


Where do I go from here?



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If you could get all the required proof you dad was Thai you may be able to apply for a Thai birth certificate at the Thai embassy or one of the 3 official consulates in the US if that is where you were born.

Info is here on the embassy website. https://thaiembdc.org/thai-birth-certificate-english-thai/

The Department of Consular Affairs of the MFA in Bangkok to verify the documents and application and send them to the embassy if you are here.

After getting the birth certificate you would have to register at an Amphoe to get registered in a house book, iD card and then a passport.

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Pretty much.   And definitely do this overseas (not in Thailand) as the good folks at the Thai consulates tend to be a LOT more customer friendly than the civil servants here.   Generally speaking of course, YMMV.   Once you have your Thai birth cert., that's the key to everything else.   I'm fairly sure you can go ahead and get your Thai passport once you have that as well so you can enter Thailand as a Thai.   Then entry to someone's house reg (which automatically means a Thai ID will be issued in the process), doesn't necessarily have to be a family member, but that may be smoother.        

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