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Thaichana app ceased functioning...


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Anyone else noticed?

Started, for me, yesterday. Like a good little expat I've been using this rather than signing books with a manky pen.

It wanted to re-register my phone number and then failed.

Today it simply reports "No internet connection" when everything else is working fine.


How do these simple apps fall over with unerring regularity? Best not to mention the others by name!

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28 minutes ago, CRUNCHER said:

Done all that. Still not working.




If yes, uninstall the app, after force-stopping it, restart the phone, reinstall the app.


Otherwise just hold a phone when you pass the entrance. 



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On 6/16/2021 at 3:56 PM, pookett said:

Yup, I've tried all the "standard procedure" stuff, still no go on my Android 8.


What version of the app are you running?


Most people say 1.7.1 (released two days ago) restored funcitonality. Works for me.


What "standard procedure" stuff did you do? 





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