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Mushroom farming

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I’m just outside Somoeng with 4 rai…lots of sunny spots and lots of shady places including a deep valley on two sides! I would rather not use the valley if I dont have to as it’s deep and tough access with plenty of critters down there ….however it is nice and cool down there by comparison to the garden at times!


I want to grow some mushrooms…just experimental and for our own use but we have the space to take it further if we want to! 
I could use some advice on how to get started…initially I had thought to go to a mushroom farm for spoor and some advice etc. but we are virtually locked in here with outbreak in MaeRim on one side and Samoeng on the other!

I was thinking to start with something quik growing and move on from there to other types!

If there’s anyone out there with some experience and advice I’d appreciate it!

I have zero experience with mushrooms 🍄 

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