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Normal process or scam ?!


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Hi everyone 

I have a story about flight reservation with Thai airways in domestic 

I think maybe this my experience will be good for others and i want to know if anyone had before same ! 
in 1 may 2021 in bought a ticket  from thai airways or ( thai smiles. ) from chiang rai to suvarnaphumi airport for 13 may because i have a flight to abroad  and paid and received confirmation email 

in 9 may 2021 i go for a normal check my flight in thai airways website but i wondered because i saw No flight in my day ! 
I called company call center and that people talk to me and she said we no have flight in that day and other day also and company is bankrupt so can’t make a refund and we will send you a cheque 

Anyway Now in 11 September 2021 after 4 month i not receive any cheque and refund and anything 

Note : while buy this ticket i paid 90 baht more for cancellation insurance also 

what you think is that a long process or only a scam ? 
thank for advice 

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