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ko ro 2 problem


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I explain from the beginning : I was married with my Thai girfriend on june 1 st, in a small amphoe, up country

I got a marriage certificate ( two pages, not recto-verso ) ; when I went to MOFA to have it certified, the girl at the desk told that this certificate was not good because in the bottom, there was a signature which says that this document is only for the person who verifies, so they send me to Lakti, where they they made a new contrat without the wrong text and the good signature 

and again, problem: MOFA did the job, at the moment I didn't pay attention , but they put their stamp on the original and they gave me a copy of the original ( without the stamp ) 

now  my embassy , to declare the mariage in my home country , wants the copy with the original MOFA stamp, but this stamp is on the original contract and I want to keep the original contract with me : what to do ? come back to MOFA and ask they do the job again, but this time correctly ; BTW, does immigration wants the original Ko ro 2 or a copy is enought ? 


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Koh ror 2 = the registration document.  Immigration always wants a new one every year. (Cost at my amphur is now 1 baht, used to be 10). JUst give it to your embassy and get another one for immigration. You will need a new one for immigration every year to confirm you are still married!


Koh ror 3 is the flowery docuemnt (one for you and one for your wife) This you always keep and just show. In case of divorce you have to return it to the amphur).

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