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Photo of dog clambering to safety in flooded Chaiyaphum goes viral


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It is a photograph that for many Thais epitomizes the current crisis of flooding that is facing many human compatriots.


It is somehow more fitting that it involves an animal and a man who professed kindness to all creatures. 


The sight of a multi colored mutt fleeing the flood by desperately clambering above the waters on the back of a Buddhist image.


The picture and news on Phi Kwan Na Kra on Facebook resulted in more than 1,000 shares, reported Daily News


Apparently the dog was called "Curfew" and was later helped out of danger. 


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Seems even the dogs have trust for savior in last hope from  Buddha , must be in the genes  after centuries , touching image ....


Second thoughts  🤔...who organized the setting , as the dog does not looks like a soi dog ....?


 Ahgrh....! a farang set-up again... 😏

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