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  1. (Did they already found out from where originating this very latest variant AY.4.2. ?) https://www.independent.co.uk/news/world/americas/new-covid-delta-variant-cdc-b1942237.html A new strain of the Delta variant of Covid-19 that has been spreading across the UK has now been detected in the US, health officials said at a White House briefing. The UK has seen more than 40,000 cases of Covid per day for eight days – now approaching 50,000 – and authorities have established a link with the new strain, called AY.4.2.
  2. Take a look at present situation map https://www.theguardian.com/world/2021/aug/20/covid-uk-coronavirus-cases-deaths-and-vaccinations-today
  3. It could just make them very precautious as THAIS are not all vaccinated and sure not with Pfizer or A.Z. or similar value ......that is why .... Every time the brakes are loosened contagions rise especially in U.K. .....strange a big surge in contagions or new variant is latest there always
  4. Covid contagions are also changing / rising in some targeted tourist country's as U.K. & Europe so expect also some last minutes changes by Thailand
  5. As i just checked KLM for a flight from BKK to Amsterdam Schiphol we Dutch or Belgium or any other E.U. need still those tests as Thailand is for E.U. still a red zone with high risk , only U.K. made it green list , so be aware if you have a stop over . And as i see travell to Germany by you , i guess the rules are possible same as any E.U. country https://thailand.diplomatie.belgium.be/en I. Procedures for travel to Belgium from Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand All travellers must fill out the Passenger Locator Form (PLF) and indicate where the
  6. Why now the same in reverse to fly Europe ? (by western regulations..) , you see Boris opened up U.K. as coved like dead (he wish... ) and results are already a speedy climb of contagions . Test here in Thailand and test by arrival in Europe ....and some more even ...... both sides are reluctant on flight passengers crossing the world That why this Covid pandemic is a economic disaster , it is now on the rise again , to the 4th wave in U.K. and starting little but in Europe , but growing no doubt , all politic signals point already in that direction ....
  7. Sure you must have made portable copy(s) , by preference legalized copy's to be on safe side whenever you need to prove property ?
  8. I wonder what the draw is for them being so keen to get to Thailand. I guess they dream Thailand is still the same Thailand as more than 2 years ago ......
  9. I just googled 11 mm and that Wikipedia page came up , and i see 11 mm in any way mentioned , i would not even bother if they size it in "stones" .... I was mainly joking in my last reply the "Imperial Measurements revival "
  10. Who knows ........untill only the strong survive ...?( and getting as almost immune to it ..) Or when it becomes a common cold or flu... No choice just must take it as it comes .....part time lockdowns & etc. maesures
  11. Thailand opens .... And same time in U.K. & Europe covid contagions are rising again to a 4 th wave ....so it shall be a temporary opening ....unless this time Thailand keep ordering vaccines and keep vaccinating . The virus keep changing ....that is ehat virusses do Final thought ...." here we go ...again " ...
  12. And KK shall have a maintenance break in service too.... coming weekend 2.00 am - 6.00 am On Sunday 24 October 2021
  13. So is this really true that any 600USD transaction a report must be made ...? I thought it was a sarcastic joke only .... And we in my Europe country may not pay ANY cash higher than 3000€ (higher must be by bank) , And we thought we are under severe control .....what about 600 US dollar transaction
  14. Look under 2023 and the yellow highlighted parts..... Thailand dragged his feet as long they could seems ... OECD AEOI-Commitments 2023 Thailand start.pdf
  15. A reminder ...... from 2022 Thailand would / should ....join OECD money reporting in full (up to now only intentions & promises ... ) , but then 2022 some tests and in 2023 full reporting .... So keep in mind (they had to finalize this years their promises/ intentions )
  16. I found it like a marketing questionnaire that time , and i told them that also ...., i think they make it convenient for both Gov. & Bank it is indeed a KYC called , i have one blanc on pc , but is in Dutch language ...if interested i can send to compare the questions
  17. For O-A ones , ( for the moment not for "O" ret. ext. inside Thailand...)
  18. I know ..... but it was a reply to The Hammer's quoting " re entry visa " Please do not take my post out of context .....
  19. I had those questions also sometimes to from my European banks, it is requirement from governments by internationally money laundering rules , more called by banks as "know your customer " document
  20. Why for Lazada not using pay at delivery option , it is straightforward , no risk , and the store has no chance to keep your bank or creditcard details on their wallet .....which they always try to do ....double check that ! I disconnect for ALL those details including PayPal ...., it is a little more boredom to order but much safer against those stores get hacked.
  21. And how old the full vaccination may have being to be allowed to take a plane in Thailand domestical and international ?
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