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Some time ago I had an HP printer. It used an enormous amount of ink, mainly due to the heads drying out. I tried refilling the cartridges with proprietary ink and also tried refilled cartridges. The printer refused to work with either and flashed up a warning that "counterfeit " ink had been detected.

I now have a Brother printer with refillable ink tanks, some of which are indicating low levels. My nearest shop sells "Comax" inks at a reasonable price but I am cagey about using them because of my previous experience. Has any member used "Comax" ink and had any reaction from the printer?

Do you have any comments, good or bad, about this brand?

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Not familiar with your printer brand, but when I switched from a Canon ink cartridge to a tank system it doesn't matter what brand ink you put in there. It's just squirting ink into tanks so not much to the crash the printer, unlike trying to refill cartridges of old. Buying the tank system printer is best value color ink printer I have had.

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