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Immigration nab gang of car thieves operating between Bangkok and Myanmar


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Picture: Naew Na


An immigration press briefing reported on by Naew Na highlighted that it is not just foreigners who come under the IB's beady eye.


The immigration bureau are now catching car thieves.


Thong Lo police were informed that two people who rented a red plate pick-up from Thai VP Corporation had disappeared.


GPS tracked Apiwat and a woman called Natthanicha in the 1,249,000 baht vehicle to Mae Sot in Tak on Thailand's north western border with Myanmar.


The company had tried to contact the renters who went quiet. Tak immigration got involved.


Naew Na gave a timeline for what happened that said the vehicle was rented on September 16th, was stored in Saraburi then driven to Tak on the 18th. The person or persons who drove it there met up with two co-conspirators at a resort. 


By the 19th the vehicle had crossed into Myanmar territory.


Five warrants led to the arrest of the couple previously mentioned (both from Chiang Mai) plus men from Chiang Mai, Lamphun and Saraburi.


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