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If people do not behave with their health, the governor of Siem Reap threatens to reintroduce lockdowns and red zones.


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“If people continue to breach the health measures of three dos and three don'ts and cause significant diseases in the community, I will ask the Prime Minister to reinstate the red zone.” The Governor of Siem Reap Province, Tea Seiha, stated.

From September 30, 2021, the Siem Reap Provincial Administration has decided to end the designation of "Red Zone" and "Yellow Ripe Area" in Siem Reap Province.


Seiha posted his experience on his Facebook page, which everyone should remember for Siem Reap city and some districts of Siem Reap province that were in the red and yellow zones.


The problems and risks of Covid-19 infection, according to Seiha, affect people from all walks of life who are directly affected in this closed region, including job loss, loss of family income, shortage of food, and utilities.


“My goals to authorities at all levels are only two,” he continued. 1. How to protect your people from Covid-19 infections, cut off the source of infection, protect your life, and avoid losing family members to the disease; 2. How to restore Siem Reap to its original state, with a large number of national and international tourists in the area, allowing people to work and earn money to support their livelihood.


The governor of Siem Reap province added that it is unfortunate that in the past, a small number of people did not follow the instructions of the Royal Government, the Ministry of Health, and the provincial authorities, and who were negligent, took advantage of the opportunity to profit, infecting people in the community.

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