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What is the best golf tip ever?


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Take Your Time


It is easy to rush in the golf swing. After all, you are probably trying to hit the ball a significant distance, especially if you are standing on the tee, so it is only natural to swing as hard and fast as possible.




However, most of the time, that level of effort is going to do you more harm than good. The best golf swings tend to be those that allow speed to develop gradually, with the club accelerating all the way down until it arrives at impact.


You want to pay particular attention to taking your time when it comes to the transition.


Most amateur golfers rush through the transition, quickly shifting from backswing to forward swing as they hurry to hit the ball. Sadly, this is where many players get off track – and there isn’t enough time between the transition and impact to fix what has gone wrong. You can easily create a number of different problems as a result of a faulty transition, with the slice being among the biggest issues to surface when you rush at the top.


During your next trip to the driving range, make it a point to take a bit of extra time at the top of your swing. Start by hitting some soft wedge shots while using an extra-slow transition.


Just pitching the ball a short distance down the range while keeping your transition slow will help you to feel how important this part of the swing is to your overall performance. As the clubs get longer and the swing gets faster, be sure to keep track of your transition to ensure that it doesn’t speed back up unnecessarily.


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After a month with the local golf pro , and all his sighs and shakes of the head , he suggested I cut a foot off each golf club.

I asked "will that improve my game having shorter clubs".

He said "no , but when you throw them in the dustbin , the lid will fit on"


I'll get my coat..

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