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Indonesians will be able to visit the United Kingdom without having to stay in a hotel

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Fully vaccinated Indonesians would no longer be required to pay thousands of pounds for hotel quarantine upon arrival in the United Kingdom, which is expected to ease travel restrictions in order to encourage tourism.

According to The Sunday Telegraph, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will announce on Thursday that the UK will reduce the number of countries on its "red list" from 54 to just nine.
Indonesia, which has witnessed a considerable drop in COVID-19 cases since the second wave's peak in July, will not be among the nine countries.


Arrivals from red-list nations are currently required to undertake a 10-day hotel quarantine, which costs £2,285 (US$3,095) per adult.

Furthermore, effective Oct. 4, fully vaccinated tourists travelling from non-red-list countries will no longer be required to complete a pre-departure PCR test.
Instead, upon arrival in the UK, they will be able to choose the less expensive lateral flow test.


In recent weeks, the Indonesian Foreign Affairs Ministry has pushed for other countries to remove Indonesia from their travel blacklists, citing France as an example of a country that has just lifted its restriction on Indonesian visitors.

Getting Indonesian Muslims to the Umrah pilgrimage is undoubtedly high on the government's present agenda, as Saudi Arabia has yet to exempt Indonesians from its travel restrictions to holy Islamic sites.

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