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The Cambodian passport has dropped seven places in the most recent rankings.


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According to a new research, the Cambodian passport has fallen even further down the ranks.

In the most recent Henley Passport Index, Cambodia received 53 points, slipping seven places to 95th in the world. The rankings are based on how many countries a passport holder can travel without needing a visa. Two days ago, the most recent rankings were announced.


The Kingdom was ranked 88th out of 193 countries four months ago.


This is bad news for business travelers, tourists, and other citizens of a country that already has one of the weakest passports in the world. Cambodians can travel visa-free to 53 countries, the majority of which are in Asia, Africa, and Oceania.


Singapore continues to hold the most powerful passport in Southeast Asia and the world, followed by Germany, South Korea, Finland, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Austria, and Denmark.


In the region, Singapore is followed by Malaysia (13th in the world), Brunei (23rd), Thailand (72nd), Indonesia (78th)and the Philippines (83rd). Vietnam (95th) is tied with Cambodia, while Laos (99th) and Myanmar (102nd) have the least powerful passports in Southeast Asia.



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