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Diary of a farang in Isaan

owl sees all

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35 minutes ago, colinneil said:

Fully agree mate, amazing Issan, never stops amazing me.

Yet there will be no leg over for you, not bowing to the monks, tut, tut, that is a serious offence, you naughty farang you.:cheesy:

I think you mean diary of a farang though, not dairy.

Diary of a Foreigner.

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1 minute ago, BritManToo said:

I'm thinking of writing a book called "Uncle Tom's Cabin".

or "Baan lung Somchai"

I'm a publisher, send it over when finished .....

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20 minutes ago, geronimo said:

Great to hear of other expat's lives, especially in Isaan, where I'll be retiring in a few years.

People seem to think of Issan as village life. I have been to Issan many times but never been to a village. Just the towns and cities.

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