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Compressor advice needed


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Need a compressor for sandblasting with the following specs:

Pressure >= 7 bar

Volume >= 500l/min


Can anyone recommend a compressor from personal experience? Brand, type, where to purchase.


Thanks in advance




PS the blaster I'm looking at is the IBIX 9 H2O. Italian machine, dealer can supply from BKK. 

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I cant recommend any specific brands or models.

I have found the following shops very good for large power tools.

From the NE corner of the moat, head away from the old town, Nana Screw on the left about 300m from the moat.

Half way down Sri Poom Rd on the inside of the moat, another branch of Nana Screw.

Heading away from the old town on Changpuak Rd, where it meets the super hiway turn right (walking, on the South side of the road) the first big hardware shop in the row.

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HomePro has a nice selection. Haven't the foggiest of what model I bought, but it comes in handy topping off tire pressures on my cars and bike.. Guess I need to study up on how to change the oil in this sucker, tho' it doesn't get used that much. My oil will probably give out before it does....

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