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Anyone has Internet problems today in the Isaan?


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I live out in the sticks in northern Surin province between Tha Tum and Rattanaburi and the only provider we have here is TOT. It is usually very reliable, but since yesterday Saturday early evening there is no Internet. I have a 500/100MB connection, because I'm trading Altcoins. I asked the TOT hotline in BKK this morning and was told that there is an outage in our area. We are now Sunday almost 17:00 and still no Internet. Is TOT not doing anything, because it's the weekend?

Anyone else in Surin province or other province having the same problem?

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I went 24hrs without internet even after phoning them. Ring TOT every 2/3 hours i'm not in surin but worked for me a while ago, it was their main junction box. it went on off for a couple of days, sometimes they were coming twice a day. this went on for a couple of weeks. used my phone as a hot spot until it was fixed.

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Thanks for your contributions. Monday 11:15 still no Internet. When I called TOT Tha Tum the girl on the phone doesn't know anything about it. Said will send technician, but I doubt anyone will show up.

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20 hours ago, Dario said:

Is TOT not doing anything, because it's the weekend?

Probably. I used to use them and then had the service down from late Friday until Monday. Gave them up for 3BB, who as a thank you for the switch gave me a 50% discount for the first six months. When they installed it there was a problem connecting it up and they worked until just before midnight on a Sunday to get it up and running. Any problems since, solved within the hour.

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