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Gripe with JD Central - 45 working days for a refund!!!!!

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So I desparately needed a new laptop to replace my old one on its last legs. Found a good deal for a HP Pavillion with 2k discount sold by the official HP store on JD Central. Ordered and delivered - all good. Day one of using new laptop I experienced a black screen and non-responsive - only lasted 5 minutes but for a brand new laptop not a good sign. Same thing happened on day 2 so spoke with the HP staff and they recommended I exchange/return the laptop.


So I went through the steps of requesting an exchange rather than a refund as I did like the laptop. They came and collected and then I shortly received an email stating that a full refund was being processed due to the item no longer in stock. And here's the kick in the balls..... I would have to wait 45 WORKING days to receive my money!!!!


Absolutely fuming.... is this normal practice!?


Anyway, my wife spoke to JD and said we cannot wait that long. Their response was that the refund has been authorized already and the reason for the 45 day delay is due to my bank i.e. it is up to them when they release the funds. Phone call number 2 to my bank met with "we have no idea what JD are talking about! As soon as the money is authorized and ready to be refunded we will process that for you" Trapped in a vicious circle... anyone shed some light on this for me....

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The perils of not checking if a product offered is current and purchasing online via a third party prevail. This isn't a criticism BTW but if something looks like a bargain, it may be because it is no longer being manufactured. This is particularly true where laptop manufacturers seem to update their product range almost as often as smartphone makers do.


Back on topic, I think the refund will post within 45 working days. My experience with retail, both online and in the shop is they will always quote the worst-case time frame. The funds will post much sooner than expected. Have patience and good luck.


Caveat emptor.



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