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Foreign Medical Program for US Veterans with service rated disability


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Any US Veteran with a rated service related disability living in Thailand enrolled in or using the VA's Foreign Medical Program (FMP)?  I'm reading up on it and it seems if enrolled we should be able to get medical care in Thailand and the medical provider is able to send the bill directly to the VA.  I'm just wondering if certain Thai hospitals are already aware of this billing procedure or if my VA rated disability is due to a shoulder injury am I limited to only shoulder care?  Any info much appreciated. 





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56 minutes ago, Sheryl said:

See https://aseannow.com/topic/995803-us-veteran-health-care-cover-info/



Most hospitals do not have direct billing arrangement with Tri-Care (a lot of paperwork) but a few in Chiang Mai do.  Otherwise you pay up front and submit for reimbursement)

The FMP mentioned in the OP is similar in billing to Tri-Care but different as Tri-Care is mainly for military retirees (20+ years of service).  Also I think the FMP is fairly new program where there is no annual registration fees.  

I printed out the form and will send it off and update any info I find out.

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