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From November 1st, all schools will reopen with rigorous measures in place.


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The Ministry of Education stated Monday that public and private schools across the country will resume on November 1. To prevent diseases in the classrooms while students are learning, all schools must strictly follow the Covid-19 guidelines given out by the Ministry of Health.

According to the ministry, in order for schools to reopen, each classroom must only allow 15 to 20 pupils to study at a time, and if there are more kids registered, they must take turns studying in class. Because it is easier to maintain social distance, they are limited to only 15 to 20 pupils each classroom.


The ministry also stated that food will not be sold inside schools in order to protect returning pupils and employees. Regular hand cleaning with alcohol gel and the wearing of face masks, both before entering the school grounds and throughout the day, are also important for healthy learning. These rules will protect those in society who are most at risk of consequences as a result of the virus's infection.


“Unvaccinated instructors will not be allowed to teach in the classroom, but they will be able to teach online from home,” says the ministry. Principals should advise students to get vaccinated as soon as possible, according to the statement.


The government also asked parents and stakeholders to send face masks, sanitation gel, and other Covid-19 protective goods to schools to help with the virus's prevention.

If a positive Covid-19 infection is detected in a classroom, all pupils and teachers must be quarantined for 14 days, and the classroom must be closed, according to the government. Other classrooms at the same school may continue to study, but only under the close supervision of Covid-19.


Universities and educational institutes may also reopen, according to the government, but they must first get authorization from the ministry. To be allowed to reopen, they will have to submit an extremely thorough account of the precautionary measures they propose to take.


Grades 9 to 12 were permitted to request for authorization to resume on September 15, subject to rigorous adherence to health precautions to avoid the spread of Covid-19. Prime Minister Hun Sen asked the Ministry of Education in late September to authorize the reopening of public and state universities across Cambodia following the reopening of those grades.

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