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Monterey Text size


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I just up graded my Mac Mini to Monterey and have lost the text size I was using.

Size on all font items was reduced.

I have been to Finder, View, Options and enlarged all I can.

Max size for Fonts is 16 which is too small. 

Any suggestions to enlarge Font size ?



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Maybe Apple menu - System Preferences - Displays, and change from Default to Scaled resolution and choose a lower resolution?




This is on iMac, not sure how it would look for your display.

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Success I reduced the 60 Hertz to 30 and massive Fonts.

I then went to 50 and back to 60 Hertz now all back to normal.

What I call a Mac Silly.


or just a Silly operator.

Thanks for your kind assistance.

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On 10/26/2021 at 10:09 AM, jonwilly said:


click Scaled and get a drop down menu


choose a resolution that gives you increased font size,  lower resolution gives larger font size

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