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Booster shots for Foreigners at BangSue in November - registrations now open.

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I haven't seen this mentioned anywhere on this forum? Have I missed it?


For some reason I have been allowed to get a booster jab at Bang Sue station next month (Nov) having had two Sinovac jabs before care of the Thai government MOPH back in June.


For some inexplicable reason the Mor Phrom app doesn't mention this at all??!  I used the DTAC web site  https://app.dtac.co.th/vaccine/index.html to register and got approved in minutes.


I am still none the wiser why DTAC has their hands on all of this and not my Mor Phrom app? I even have a DTAC SIM in the phone and DTAC never messaged me about this, but I found out on Twitter. Situation normal guess.

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8 minutes ago, Liverpool Lou said:

Nothing sinister, they're just being helpful!

Yes, fully appreciate the help DTAC is giving, but was more disappointed why the MOPH Thai Govt cannot let me know? They have been tracking me on their MOPH Mor Prom app ever since they jabbed me back in June. We are left to fumbling around looking for information. I wouldn't have known I was eligible for a booster but for a random Tweet I read.

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40 minutes ago, mrwebb8825 said:

Signed up and now waiting for "SMS Confirmation Within 2 Hours" but, as I reread the site it 'seems' to be for sino jabbees to get an astra booster which would explain the lack of notifications.

Can't edit/update (?) so quoted myself to add:



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On 11/7/2021 at 11:01 AM, Digitalbanana said:

Any info from someone who's done this? Does the Morphrom or existing paper vaccine cert get updated to show a AZ booster? I heard people go there and no certs issued at time?

I'm not sure about booster 3rd dose.

I've done my first dose (AZ) last friday at Bang Sue Station. They gave the foreigner (PP holder) an extra paper.  I can register Mor phrom app with 13 digits on that paper and my reg ph no. It showed my data correctly.



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