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What is the procedure for renewing a Thai 5-year teaching license?


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Around September of next year my 5-year Thai license expires. 

Any advice on how early I can renew and what is necessary?

I have a lot of CPD through the TES website - especially relating to child safety and online safety.  

My last 3 years have been at the same international school.  


Thank you for the information.

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You apply yourself, with help of the school.


See: http://site.ksp.or.th/about.php?site=englishsite&SiteMenuID=4617

Don't forget to download the forms. You need them and the clarify a lot.


You must apply half year before expiration and you need proof of professional development. In essence at least 3 courses, seminars etc. 

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Thank you 

I was working at a Thai bilingual school when I applied for my 1st license.  Then after about 6 months I switched to an international school.  

The international school I am working at has good students and good academics, but most of the staff only speaks Thai. 

The lady in charge of getting visa and work permits for the teachers may be able to help, but I have never heard her speak a word of English to anybody - but she is efficient on getting our visas (but no conversation)


I have completed many CPD modules on EduCare by TES.  Also first aid training.

The more information I have, the better prepared I can be to approach the school for help.


I went to the site  http://site.ksp.or.th/about.php?site=englishsite&SiteMenuID=4617 and got information

I downloaded forms at: http://site.ksp.or.th/download.php?site=englishsite&SiteMenuID=29


If I can make all the required copies, then there should not be much work for the school to complete the package.  


Form KS.02 : Completed Professional License Renewal Application Form
Form KS.02.10: Applicant’s Qualification Declaration Form 
   -  signed by the applicant on the page 4, and verified by the school director 
Evidence of the performance results of professional practice                 - I assume performance reviews
Copy of used pages of the teacher’s passport
Copy used pages of the teacher’s work permit
Copy of the current teaching license                                    - I assume current work permit (school has/had old work permit)
Copy of educational certificate along with official transcripts   
Two 1 X 1.25 inch half-length, full face photographs
Payment receipt for license renewal fee: 200 Baht

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1 hour ago, transam said:
1 hour ago, stubuzz said:

Has anybody renewed an expired license?

Every time....

No. Licenses are renewed at least 6 months before expiry. I am not sure of how much hassle renewing an expired license will be.

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On 12/21/2021 at 1:50 PM, stubuzz said:

Has anybody renewed an expired license?

A teacher at my institution tried to “renew” a 5yr that had been expired for 7 months (she returned to her home country to help care for an end-of-life parent) and was denied after trying to renew. She had to apply as new license- which was subsequently approved with no apparent problem. 


This was however just before TCTs transition from their former all-paper application process, to todays online-only process — not sure if it matters, but adds some context. 

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On 12/21/2021 at 3:25 PM, TheScience said:

I will be attempting to renew early (over a year early) in February.

Were you successful in renewing your teaching license a year early?

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I submitted my paperwork to my school to renew the 5 year teaching license.  They received copies of my personal development over the past 5 years as well as my degree and teaching diploma and other documents. Today, I was given a receipt to pay 200 baht for a teaching license. Once this is paid at the bank I am wondering what will be the next step involved or will everything be complete and I have to just wait for the arrival of the license?

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