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Interior Ministry Prepares For Chinese New Year Festival


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BANGKOK (NNT) - The Interior Ministry has instructed officials to prepare for the upcoming Chinese New Year holidays from January 31- February 1, 2022.


According to Interior Minister Gen Anupong Paochinda, who is also the Commander of the National Disaster Prevention and Mitigation Center, all related departments have been ordered to strictly enforce Covid-19 prevention measures in venues that are considered high-risk areas for Covid outbreaks during the Chinese New Year holidays, such as restaurants, markets, shrines, and gathering places for families.


Events organized from January 28 to February 3 are required to strictly follow the Covid free setting measures while people are asked to follow the DMHTTA protocols (Distancing, Mask Wearing, Handwashing, Temperature Testing, Covid Testing, and Mobile App) during the holidays.


Furthermore, the Interior Ministry has directed provincial governors to be prepared for any incidents that may occur while people are traveling throughout the holiday season. Local organizations are being advised to update information on locations that may be prone to fire hazards and to cooperate with authorities to prepare for any crisis that may occur during the break.


The Interior Minister also advised the people to limit certain types of celebrations, such as burning incense or joss paper or firing firecrackers, which can cause fires or emit PM 2.5 particles into the environment.


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Ban it! Only sensible thing to do. CCP lockdown whole towns at the merest hint of an asymptomatic infection and they should know this virus better than anyone. And their lockdown is complete and enforced unlike Thailands lackadaisical approach

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