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More vessels deployed to prevent oil slick from reaching beaches

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Ten additional vessels have been deployed in a major clean-up operation in the seas off Rayong following an oil leak late Tuesday, while fishing boats are laying booms to prevent the oil from reaching the beaches and the Moo Koh Samet-Khao Laem Ya national park, where it would harm coral reefs and marine species.


The report from Rayong, issued at 11.40 am this morning (Friday), said slicks of crude oil were 3.2 kilometres from the coast in the Gulf, but that about 90% of the oil has been reduced to a film after being exposed to chemical dispersants.


Using satellite tracking, the Geo-Informatics and Space Technology Development Agency (GISTDA) said yesterday evening that the oil slicks cover an estimated 47 square kilometres of the sea’s surface, about nine times of the size of Samet Island, and were about 6.5 kilometres from the coast of Muang district and 12 kilometres from Samet Island. It predicted that some of the oil will reach the shoreline today.


Full Story: https://www.thaipbsworld.com/more-vessels-deployed-to-prevent-oil-slick-from-reaching-beaches/


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They are so used to sweeping things under the carpet, in this case the sea but the scenario is the same - Out of sight Out of mind!!!

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The way they are tryjng to stop this will do more damage than the slick itself. Spilled oil moves with the tides. I'm afraid the only thing that can be done is, in due course and over time, to clean up the beaches it pollutes. 

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Why on earth don't they ask for advice from people who know how to deal with spills. They are trying to downplay it, but it has a massive impact on the beaches and fish stocks.

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