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Separation after 9 years together

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On 3/25/2022 at 8:35 PM, BritManToo said:

Why would anyone that's returned to their home country, bother with divorce?

Better not to get divorced IMHO, without her husbands signature/approval, she can't enter France.

Not sure how divorce works in France, but in the U.S., generally the longer the duration of the marriage, the longer will be the duration of support awarded to the lower-earning spouse, so doing it now reduces his exposure, all the more so while things are amicable.  And getting the divorce now will legally formalize OP's custody of his daughters while cementing the French court's jurisdiction over any future custody actions.  Also tax filing status (again not sure how this works in France).   Letting the marriage stand just leaves too many loose ends and landmines lurking to potentially blow up in the future.  Best for OP to get it done and gain a sense of closure to move on.

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