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Mac os problems?


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Got Macbook air, fastest and best built laptop I have ever used. However cannot get it to print to a canon G2010 printer as not supported by Apple or Canon, is there a way around this? Also on Win OS when viewing picture files you can just keep forward clicking to view more, in a folder or on the desktop, on mac you seem to have to keep opening them. up one at a time which is a pain. Is there a way around this?

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Yes, I have the same problem with Mac silicone and my brother printer, I have to use a separate app, a brother app - so I cant print directly from pages or photoshop.


I rigged up an action in an app called hazel, automator does the same thing - Does canon have a similar type of printing app?


With regard to the picture viewer - apple has a thing called 'quick look' - ctrl-click the image and it will give you a menu - you can use that to view the file, for instance an image will show a smaller image. If you scroll through a folder with cursors, you can view all the other images in the folder.

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