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Bunker Boys Golf Report for week commencing Monday March 7th


Monday, March 7th




1st Gerry Cooney (19) 39 points

2nd Geoff Parker (19) 38 points

3rd Kevin LeBar (12) 36 points

4th Jimmy Carr (20) 36 points


Near pins Jimmy Carr, Gez Williams, & Gerry Cooney.


A late start for today's round at Greenvalley with at least two other societies out before us so a slow round, not as bad as one might expect but still a little sluggish. For the third time in the past four rounds, we had an awkward number of seventeen. Thirteen hundred baht sports day pricing was in place, decent for a course of this standard.


Today was proof that age is no barrier with the oldest playing member of the Bunker Boys Gerry Cooney taking first place with a stylish thirty-nine points, I think a message there to all the others who complain about their age. A stroke back Geoff Parker reprised some of his former glory with excellent thirty-eight points, a round that included a birdie on the difficult tenth hole. Despite the handicap of not having his favourite caddie Kevin LeBar took third with thirty-six points beating Jimmy Carr on countback. Surprisingly only three near pins were taken going to Gerry Cooney, Jimmy Carr, and Gez Williams. After a long absence today we had the pleasure to welcome back from Japan Rocky Ishikawa, so in the usual fashion as some visitors leave others come in to take their place, who will it be next?.


Wednesday, March 9th


Burapha C & D


1st John Hughes (23) 38 points

2nd Dave Ashman 26)  37 points

3rd Paul Smith (3) 36 points

4th Jay Babin (23) 36 points


Near pins Derek Riordan, John Hughes, & Paul Smith X 2.


For a change, the Bunker Boys played the C & D nines instead of the normally preferred A & B nines. Despite looking great the course was remarkably damp. The greens were unbelievably slow despite having been mowed recently although looking slick. To be fair Pattaya has had a very unseasonal wet period recently so that was responsible for the course condition.


Some very good scores were returned today none better than the winner John Hughes with an impressive thirty-eight points. Rumour has it John rang the bell later back at the bar, a rumour hard to confirm as not too many people were in the bar at the time. Dave Ashman continues to deliver with yet another very solid round of thirty-seven points in second place, when will this run end?.  As ever Paul Smith was in the mix taking third place on countback from Jay Babin. Paul manager his customary two near pins with one each to John Hughes and the visiting Irishman Derek Riordan.


We are advised that Monday's winner Gerry Cooney has decided to invest in new clubs, how is that for confidence from the Bunker Boys' oldest playing member?, perhaps a few others could follow his lead and not constantly blame their age for the state of their games after all age is just a number.


Friday, March 11th




1st Jimmy Carr (20) 38 points

2nd Geoff Parker (19) 38 points

3rd John Hughes (22) 37 points

4th Ronnie Melvin (11) 37 points


Near pins.Niall Glover, & Paul Smith X 2.


Pattavia was in the best shape it's been for a long time today, the fairways were green and well mown and the greens were not ridiculously fast as they sometimes can be. As a result, some very fine scores were returned.


 Once again the high handicappers dominated with Jimmy Carr of a rediculous handicap of twenty taking first place with thirty-eight points. One stroke adrift and one point lower in handicap Geoff Parker took second place. Another bandit was found in third place in the form of John Hughes, his second in a row good score of thirty-six beating Ronnie Melvin into fourth place both on thirty-seven points, all very good scores in the winner's circle. Three of the four near pins were taken with Niall Glover taking one and for the second game in a row Paul Smith taking two.


Some Bunker Boys lead interesting lives, none more so than Bob Innes who on a regular basis confirmes that he is playing the next day only to withdraw on the morning of play, one wonders what happens in the interval.


 A big week is in store next week with Laem Chabang on Monday, St Andrews on Wednesday, and Pattana on Friday, the results of Niall Glover's recent survey are now filtering through to our playing roster with better courses at reasonable rates being the order of the day.



Gerry Cooney, winner at Greenvalley.



John Hughes winner at Burapha.



Jimmy Carr winner at Pattavia.



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Bunker Boys Golf Report for week commencing Monday March 21st


Monday, March 21st


Greenwood C & B.


1st Paul Smith (3) 39 points

2nd Mike Fawke (16) 38 points

3rd The Phantom (23) 36 points

4th Geoff Atwell (26) 36 points

5th Masao Ishikawa (19) 35 points


Near pins Raleigh Gosney, Mike Lloyd & Paul Smith X 2.


At this time of year, Pattaya golf courses are brown, hard, and with lots of run, not so this year, they are lush green, soft, and with no run. Rain breaks are an everyday event as was the case again today at Greenwood, although it was only for a few minutes as we managed to miss most of the threatening rain which passed by in the distance. The pick, clean, and place rule was in operation from the start. With several locals absent we still managed to assemble a field of twenty-one, not bad under the circumstances.


Enjoying a remarkable run of good form Paul Smith swept all before him again today with a round of thirty-nine points off a three handicap, very solid golf indeed. Newcomer Mike Fawke announced himself with a very solid thirty-eight points to take second place. Good coaching paid dividends today for the Phantom who took third place on countback from Geoff Atwell, both on thirty-six points whilst the oldest player in the field seventy-nine-year-old Masao Ishikawa showed there was life in the old dog still rounding out the winner's list in fifth place with thirty-five points, just goes to show what clean living can do for you. All the near pins were taken with one each to Raleigh Gosney and Mike Lloyd and of course, Paul Smith got his usual two.


This year's away trip to avoid Songkran in Pattaya is to a new venue for us, Nakon Nayok where we are scheduled to play Cascata on the way to our destination at Royal Hills. We have two games booked on consecutive days at Royal Hills due to scheduling difficulties and a game at Watermill on the return to Pattaya, all new courses for most if not all those attending.


Wednesday, March 23rd


Plutaluand East & South


1st Bengt Engstrom (9) 36 points

2nd Michael Brett (16) 33 points

3rd Mike Lloyd (15) 33 points


Near pins Niall Glover, Herbert Felder, & Michael Brett


out thirty minutes before the start of play and finished the round in bright sunshine. Since we played North and West on our last visit it was decided that we would play the East and South nines today. Following recent rain, the course was in the best condition we have seen in years apart from the bunkers which were a

shambles, full of holes made by dogs, and none appeared to have been raked for months. Despite that much work was being done to improve the course. A nine hundred and fifty baht all-in fee was very agreeable.

Scoring was on the low side with only Bengt Engstrom posting a decent thirty-six points to take first place. Michael Brett and Mike Lloyd both finished on thirty-three and were placed in that order on countback. Due to the reputation of the course and the prospect of rain our numbers were down considerably compared to recent turnouts. Only three near pins were taken going to Niall Glover, Herbert Felder, and Michael Brett.


Friday, March 25th


Khao Kheow A & B, Medal.


Play abandoned


A very difficult day for golf with at least two rain breaks on the front nine, one lasting about an hour before several decided they had had enough and called it a day. Apparently under club rules, if less than fifty percent of players finish a round then the game is null and void. Les Cobban was having such a good day that his group decided it would be unfair to deny him the chance to post a very good score which he did with a net seventy-one. Remarkably that group finished the round in bright sunshine so it seems a bit unfair that those that finished the round were not awarded the top three positions, some rules make no sense. If there is no option but to abandon play then it's ok to call a halt to play, however, if there is an option to play on then those that do ought to be able to win the day.


The rain we are experiencing lately is more akin to what we see during monsoon season. Whilst it's great for golf courses it's very difficult to maintain form and concentration with constant rain interruptions, hopefully, we are at the end of it and soon we will return to more normal conditions.



Paul Smith winner at Greenwood.



Bengt Engstrom winner at Plutaluang.



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Bunker Boys Golf Report for week commencing Monday March 28th


Monday, March 28th




1st Paul Smith (3) 38 points

2nd Geoff Parker (19) 34 points

3rd Tony Robbins (26) 34 points

4th Geoff Atwell (25) 34 points


Near pins Niall Glover, & Paul Smith X 3


For a welcome change, we had no rain for today's game at Emerald although it threatened many times during the round. Dark skies lay in the distance and thunder rumbled all day long but fortunately for a change, it remained dry. When we got back to Pattaya we could clearly see where it had been raining heavily, the weather gods smiled on us today.


The Emerald course was pretty much as expected and was the quietest we have seen for some time, perhaps the "high season" has passed. An all-in fee of eleven hundred and fifty baht which included a voucher to the value of one hundred baht was decent value. It has often been suggested that the course doesn't mow the greens on a Monday and as it happens that was the case today, most greens were particularly slow.


Continuing on from where he has been all month Paul Smith took first place again today with thirty-eight points, is this current run of form ever going to end?. So far this month he has posted only one card under thirty-six points. In a three-way countback, Geoff Parker took second place from Tony Robbins in third and Geoff Atwell in fourth. All the near pins were taken again with the greedy Paul Smith taking three this time and Niall Glover taking the remaining flag.


Wednesday, March 30th


Silky Oak


1st Michael Brett (16) 35 points

2nd Niall Glover (15) 34 points

3rd Jay Babin (23) 31 points


Near pins. Dave Stockman, Jimmy Carr, Niall Glover, & Michael Brett


One of the most trying if not the most destructive days of golf in many years at Silky Oak today, The round started out pretty much as normal but there were some scattered dark clouds hanging around. By the ninth hole, the sky went completely black and the rain came lashing down for over an hour accompanied

 by almost simultaneous thunderclaps and lightning strikes meaning, we were directly in the eye of the storm.


 After about one and a quarter hours play resumed with reduced numbers as the sissies decided to call it a day and only the dedicated trojans were left, enough to constitute a match. On our return to play, we were confronted with a scene of devastation with at least twenty trees flattened on the eleventh and adjacent fairways. We were unaware of any strong wind during our stay in the shelter so it must have been a very localised freak wind that did the damage. Thereafter the weather moderated and by the finish, we were in relatively nice conditions again.


The course had been in nice condition prior to the rain and was still quite playable after although relief had to be taken from casual water in places. As a result of the rain plus the delay in play, scoring was on the low side. The top score of the day came from Michael Brett with thirty-five points in a round that contained two birdies, one of which was the most unlikely birdie anyone is likely to see, playing out of the rough from one hundred and fifty yards out to within four feet of the pin just as he was about to declare a lost ball. Niall Glover took second place a stroke back. After an indifferent front nine Niall put it together on the back with a series of pars to end up in second place with thirty-four points whilst Jay Babin rounded out the scoring with thirty-one points in third place. Four out of the five near pins available were taken going to Dave Stockman, Jimmy Carr, Niall Glover, & Michael Brett. Curiously missing from the near pin list were Kob Glover and Paul Smith.


Shot of the day went to Mike Lloyd who managed to skip his ball several times across water and end up on the fringe of the green, he missed the put by the smallest of margins which would have given him a remarkable par as he previously had a ball in the same water.


A mere formality in the race for the golfer of the month with Paul Smith so far in the lead that nobody even with a miracle round would have been able to catch him.


It is with great sadness that we have to report the passing of Colin Davis who died this week after a long illness. Colin was a pillar of the Expat golfing community in Pattaya and well-liked by all who came in contact with him. For many years Colin remained a giant figure in golfing circles, both in his role as organiser of Lewinski Golf and later at his own bar in Soi Buakhao. His passing will leave a big void in the Pattaya golfing scene. May he rest in peace.


Friday, April 1st


Pattana A & B


1st Paul Smith (3) 42 points

2nd Jimmy Carr (19) 37 points

3rd Kevin Lebar (11) 35 points

4th Michael Brett (16) 35 points


Near pins Niall Glover, Gez Williams, & Paul Smith X 2.


The second game this week without a rain interruption, perhaps we may finally be over the recent rainy spell. Additionally, we had a quality course to ourselves, at least for the front nine, when we got to the back nine we saw a few latecomers availing of lower-priced green fees after two pm.


The course was in nice condition, no need for pick, clean, and place today, the greens were particularly good. As a result, scores were on the high side again. Showing remarkable consistency once again Paul Smith swept all before him taking first place with a remarkable forty-two points. Coming off two golfer of the month wins in the first three he looks set to continue on his merry way, perhaps the newly arrived Robby Watts will offer him some challenge, nobody else seems capable of doing so at present. Jimmy Carr returned to his winning ways taking second place with thirty-seven points whilst Kevin LeBar was two strokes back in third place. All the near pins were taken with one each to Niall Glover and Gez Williams, Paul Smith got his usual two.



Winner Monday & Friday and March Golfer of the month Paul Smith.



The Brummies l to r Mick Fawkes, Joe Richardson, & Keith Peplow.



Winner at Silky Oak Michael Brett



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Bunker Boys Golf Report for week commencing April 4th


Monday, April 4th




1st Robbie Watts (10) 42 points

2nd Jay Babin (24) 37 points

3rd Kob Glover (22) 37 points

4th Geoff Atwell (24) 35 points

5th Mike Lloyd (14) 35 points


Near pins Mike Lloyd, Kob Glover, Paul Smith, & Robbie Watts.


Finally, we had a really nice day for golf after the recent prolonged wet spell. The Greenvalley course was in excellent condition, but the greens were very slick indeed and proved a real challenge for most in holding approach shots on them, also downhill puts were treacherous, even the best putters were challenged. Some said the greens were faster than either Bangpra or Pattavia at their fastest, so only the best putters prevailed.


Playing his last game of this trip Mike Lloyd signaled his intention to sign off in style with a remarkable twenty-four points on the front nine which included an eagle on the first, however, he was overcome with pressure on the back nine only to end up in fifth place on thirty-five points, clearly, Mike's game is in great shape, he just needs to control his emotions a bit better to become a real force in the game. It was remarkable to watch someone going from cruise mode to struggle street. Geoff Atwell took fourth place on countback from Mike. After an absence from the winner's circle for some time, Kob Glover made a return today with a score of thirty-seven losing second place on countback to Jay Babin. In his first game back after more than two years due to COVID Robbie Watts got straight down to business to take first place with a well compiled forty-two points, no problems putting there for Robbie. He also managed to snag a near pin, Paul Smith as usual got one, whilst Mike Lloyd and Kob Glover got the remaining two. Today was also the last game for Neil Griffin who returns to the UK this week and generously signed off by ringing the bell back at the bar.


We had an unusual incident today when a dog took a shine to Jimmy Carr and rode around in his cart for several holes until an irate marshal came along with a slingshot and spent a couple of hours chasing it around the course, one had to ask why? it was one of the nicest and friendliest dogs one could see on a golf course.


Wednesday, April 6th


Pattaya Country Club


1st Herbert Felder (11) 40 points

2nd Perry Seehoo (2) 38 points

3rd Bobbie Watts (7)  37 points

4th Niall Glover (16) 35 points


Near pins Perry Seehoo, Paul Smith, & Hubert Stiefenhoffhl


Thankfully normal Pattaya weather has returned with another bright sunny day although very hot at times for today's game at Pattaya Country Club. Despite all the recent rain within a matter of days, the course was again firm underfoot and starting to look less green than a week ago.


A decent rollup of sixteen, not bad for the time of year and with several locals missing. Herbert Felder who plays with a bit of an up and down game put it all together today with a very good score of forty points to take first place. We had the pleasure to welcome a new member today Peter Seehoo, who announced his arrival with a very stylish thirty-eight points of a handicap of two taking second place. Once again Robbie Watts was in the frame taking third place with thirty-seven points whilst Niall Glover rounded out the winner's list with thirty-five points in fourth place. Three near pins were taken by Peter Seehoo, Paul Smith of course, and Hubert Stiefenhoffhl. Today's bell ringers were Peter Seehoo and Herbert Felder, well-done guys.


With only one dog on the course today and nobody chasing it, we had none of the drama of Monday at Greenvalley.


Friday, April 8th




1st Paul Smith (2) 37 points

2nd Robbie Watts (7) 36 points

3rd Herbert Felder (11) 35 points

4th Tony Robbins (26) 35 points


Near pins Kevin LeBar, Robbie Watts, & Paul Smith X 2.


Another nice day for golf at Pattavia with no prospect of rain. The wind was up on the front nine but abated on the back. The consequence of this was the fruit flies from the local pineapple plantations were out in force to the extent that they became a major distraction, it's very hard to play golf with plagues of tiny flies massing around your face, in your eyes and ears and even up your nose. Today the greens were not as fast as we have come to expect, certainly nothing like Greenvalley on Monday.


Even at this early stage of the month, the race for golfer of the month is developing into a two-horse race between Paul Smith and Robbie Watts, both going toe to toe on every outing. Today Paul Smith prevailed by one stroke to win with thirty-seven points one ahead of Robbie in second place. Another who has his game in good shape is Herbert Felder who took third with thirty-five beating Tony Robbins into fourth place on countback, Tony departs to Australia this weekend for a long-awaited holiday and family reunion so will be missing for the next couple of weeks. Near pins went to Kevin LeBar, & Robbie Watts with Paul Smith getting his usual two.


One week to go before our away Songkran trip to Nakon Nayok playing Cascata on the way, Watermill on the way back, and two games in between at Royal Hills, a much-anticipated trip to some new venues we haven't played previously.



Robbie Watts, winner at Greenvalley.



Herbert Felder, winner at Pattaya Country Club.



Psaul Smith, winner at Pattavia.



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Bunker Boys golf Report for the week commencing Monday April 11th


Monday, April 11th


Greenwood B &C. Medal


1st Jimmy Carr (19) Net 72

2nd Geoff Atwell (25) Net 72

3rd Kob Glover (23) Net 73

4th Michael Brett (16) Net 73

5th Niall Glover (16) Net 73

6th Les Cobban (9) Net 73


Near pins Les Cobban, Robbie Watts, Paul Smith, & GeoffParker.


The Greenwood course was immaculate for today's game, probably the best condition of any course we have played lately. The fairways and greens were just about perfect, the bunkers flawless although one did complain that there was too much sand in them, made a pleasant change from unattended, unraked bunkers full of holes left by dogs.


After a couple of weeks of very nice weather today it looked like at any moment we would get a drenching, luckily the rain stayed away, although a few drops did fall at different times.


In one of the most evenly contested games for a long time scoring whilst not spectacular was very close with two finishing on net seventy-two and four on seventy-three and placed as above. Jimmy Carr should have had a sub seventy score but a ten on the sixteenth cruelled his chances, perhaps the expectation of what might happen after golf got in his head. One on seventy-two played of a one-stroke lower handicap than he should have which would have altered third place. All the near pins were taken with one each going to Les Cobban, Robbie Watts, Paul Smith, & Geoff Parker.


The closing two holes on the C nine were made even more difficult than normal as the ground staff started fires to clean up rubbish just off the course, this resulted in thick acrid smoke blowing across the eight and ninth farways.


Wednesday, April 13th


Mountain Shadow


1st Les Cobban (9) 35 points

2nd Robbie Watts (8) 33 points

3rd Michael Brett (17) 31 points


Near pins Hubert Stiefenhofer, Robbie Watts, Kob Glover, & Les Cobban.


The combination of extremely high temperatures, a course in shabby condition, and play at snail's pace was not the ideal cocktail of conditions for enjoyable golf. We had a caddie collapse on the eighth tee which held up play for about twenty minutes until she could be removed to the clubhouse, despite that it took no time till we were again back behind slow players and waiting on every shot. Many commented that they should not have gotten out of bed which in retrospect would have been a better option.


As expected, under the conditions scores were low to very low with only Les Cobban managing a respectable score of thirty-five points to take first place. Robbie Watts was two adrift in second place with Michael Brett a further two back in third.  All the near pins were taken with one each as listed above.


Friday, April 15th




1st Kob Glover (23) 41 points

2nd Jimmy Carr, (19) 36 points

3rd Michael Brett (17) 35 points


Near pins Michael Brett & Paul Smith X 3.


Another stinking hot day in Siam for our last game of the week at Emerald. There was no wind and at times the heat was oppressive, it affected some more than others. One who struggled massively had only one point after seven holes before declaring he had enough and walked off the course. Just about everyone had carts luckily as it was not a day for walking.


The red tees are over one thousand yards shorter than the whites at Emerald and our only lady, Kob Glover took full advantage of the shorter distance to post the best score of the day, forty-one points to take first place by a margin of five points. Jimmy Carr took second with a solid thirty-six, twenty-three on the back nine one ahead of Michael Brett in third place. Paul Smith was back to his sharpshooting best again today taking three near pins although one was a fair distance from the pin, still good enough to beat everyone else. Michael Brett got the remaining near pin.


One of our regular visitors from the UK John Hughes and known handicap bandit took first place in a competition at his local North Oxford course



Jimmy Carr winner at Greenwood.



Les Cobban winner at Mountain Shadow.



Kob Glover winner at Emerald



John Hughes winner at North Oxford.



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Monday, April 18th


Songkran Trip Day 1



1st Michael Brett(17) 32 points

2nd Robbie Watts (7) 32 points

3rd Niall Glover (16) 32 points.


Near pins Robbie Watts & Craig Dows x 2


A new adventure for the Bunker Boys today on the first day of the Songkran trip with a game at Cascata, a course that none had played previously, and what a treat it turned out to be. The course was in superb condition although there were a few plugged and mudballs, the greens were very slick. The weather however didn't favour us with a short heavy shower mid-round and another on the eighteenth.


Playing off the blue tees over six thousand six hundred yards the course played much longer with no run and the air heavy, also a stiff breeze blew adding to the difficulty.


Scores were low unsurprisingly with nobody really staking a claim to first place, as it happened three players were tied on thirty-two points and separated on countback. Only three of the long par threes yielded a near pin with  Craig Dows in his first game back at the Bunker in over two years taking two and Robbie Watts taking the remaining pin.


Day 2

Tuesday, April 19th


Royal Hills

1st Robbie Watts (7) 36 points

2nd Kob Glover (21) 34 points

3rd Paul Smith (1) 33 points


Near pins Robbie Watts, Niall Glover, & Craig Dows X 2


In readiness for the Singha Classic beginning on next week the Royal Hills Course was competition ready and in great condition, it was also a step up in difficulty from Monday's game at Cascata. Again playing off the blue tees at six thousand - six hundred yards the course offered a real challenge, there are many no-go areas on the course and if you deign to go there you are dead.


A very solid all-round game from Robbie Watts saw him take first place with thirty-six points. Kob Glover had a good day taking second place with thirty-four points, with Paul Smith one adrift in third place. For the second day in a row, Craig Dows took two near pins with the other two going to Robbie Watts and Niall Glover.


Day 3

Wednesday, April 20th


Royal Hills

1st Craig Dows (3) 32 points

2nd, Paul Smith (1) 31 points

3rd Michael Brett (17) 30 points


Near pins Craig Dows, Michael Brett, & Craig Dows X 2.


Due to a warmup competition beginning on Thursday we were unable to break up our rounds at Royal Hills so we played on consecutive days. The course proved to be no easier the second time around, in fact, scoring was no better than on the first day, in fact, a bit worse. With many playing practice rounds prior to tomorrow's competition the course was quite busy, still, we managed to get around without delay which was fortunate as shortly after we finished it started raining heavily.


Having bagged two near pins on each of the first two days Craig Dows took one more again today, not only that he took first place with a modest thirty-two points. Paul Smith was one adrift in second whilst Michael Brett brought up the rear with thirty points. The remaining near pins went to Michael Brett and as usual Paul Smith got two.


Day 4

Thursday, April 21st



1st Niall Glover (16) 39 points

2nd Herbert Felder (11) 37 points

3rd Paul Smith (1) 35 points


Near pins Paul Smith, Craig Dows, & Niall Glover X 2.


Watermill is a course that most would not have heard of before let alone played and what a treat it turned out t be. It is a typical Pete Dye design whose obsession for water on every hole and the signature island green was in evidence. A very nice course indeed apart from one thing, the greens were recently cored and sanded which made putting a bit of a lottery, nevertheless, everyone enjoyed the course and expressed the view that they would be happy to return again.


Today's scoring was the best of the tour with Niall Glover having the top score of the trip with thirty-nine points to take first place. Herbert Felder also had a good day taking second place with thirty-six points and Paul Smith was one stroke adrift in third place. Paul Smith and Craig Dows got a near pin each with Niall Glover taking two.


The Tour Champion was Robbie Watts with an accumulated score over the four days of one hundred and thirty points, one ahead of Paul Smith with Craig Dows in third on one hundred and twenty-four points. Craig easily won the near pin competition with six over the four days with three each to Paul Smith and Niall Glover


Today was the last game for Herbert Felder and Hubert Steifenhofer who after today's round went directly to the airport to fly back to Germany, both endeared themselves to the Bunker Boys during their stay and we look forward to seeing them back again later in the year.



Bunker Boys tour group.



Tour champ Robbie Watts



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Bunker Boys Golf Report for the week commencing Monday April 25th


Monday, April 25th


Khao Kheow C & A.


1st Gerry Cooney (18) 36 points

2nd Niall Glover (14) 34 points

3rd Kob Glover (21) 34 points

4th Michael Brett (16) 32 points


Near pins Niall Glover, Travis Kim, & Michael Brett.


A good rollup for the first game of the week at Khao Kheow where we were allocated the C and A nines. The day was particularly hot so luckily most had carts. Today we were able to welcome back Keith Hemmings after about six weeks' absence and Roger Tuohy making his first trip back since pre-covid days. We also had two new people join in,  from Holland louk Kuyten, and Travis Kim from Korea via the USA.


Scoring, for the most part, was modest with none of the big guns, Robbie Watts, Craig Dows, or Les Cobban offering much, perhaps all were saving their best for Laem Chabang on Wednesday. It was left to the old fox Gerry Cooney to record the best score of the day with thirty-six points. A family affair for second and third with Niall Glover taking it on countback from Kob. Michael Brett took fourth with thirty-two points. After thirty-seven years playing golf, Travis Kim on his debut with the Bunker Boys scored his first-ever ace on C8, what a way to announce yourself. Playing off a handicap of eighteen Travis looked a much better golfer than his handicap would indicate. Niall Glover and Michael Brett got the other two near pins.


Wednesday, April 27th


Laem Chabang A & B

1st Michael Brett (16) 42 points

2nd Geoff Atwell (24) 39 points

3rd Jimmy Carr (17) 38 points


Near pins Craig Dows, Geoff Atwell, & Gerry Cooney X 2.


As usual, the Laem Chabang course was in lovely condition, however, a few other issues took the shine off what would have otherwise been a very enjoyable day. There was a preponderance of trainee caddies, some with not even a basic understanding of golf or what was expected of them. When people book an A-grade course and pay a higher price they expect the whole package to be up to standard. A few complaints were registered with management post-round as some suffered more than others. The combination of carts not being allowed on the fairways and the caddies not knowing what they were doing all conspired to make it a very slow round. Had we been able to play at a reasonable pace we would have finished before the rain hit.


Despite all the above scoring was good playing off the white tees. Michael Brett finally found something after a long stretch of mediocre scores to record the best of the day with forty-two points. The bandit from Sherwood Forest Geoff Atwell took second place with thirty-nine points and Jimmy Carr took third one further back. Craig Dows got back on the near pin trail taking one along with Geoff Atwell while Gerry Cooney got two.


Friday, April 29th




1st Robbie Watts (8) 35 points

2nd Craig Dows (3) 31 points

3rd Jimmy Carr (17) 31 points

4th Niall Glover (14) 31 points


Near pins Robbie Watts, Travis Kim, Jimmy Carr, & Niall Glover.


A dull overcast day for the last game of the month Bangpra. The course was very quiet when we started play, but by the time the ninth hole the hoards of locals availing of late tee time pricing flooded the course so pandemonium took over with groups cutting in at will and others in big groups jumping ahead a couple of holes. Despite that, we managed to finish in a reasonable time. Remarkably we saw only three monkeys all day.


Scoring was low as is often the case at Bangpra with only Robbie Watts putting in a decent effort to take first place with thirty-five points. Countback was used to separate the other placing as listed above. In his last game with us for now Travis Kim took a near pin to go with his hole-in-one on Monday. Niall Glover, Robbie Watts, and  Jimmy Carr got the remaining near pins.


In one of the most hotly contested golfer of the month races, any one of at least six people could have won going in to the last week. Paul Smith held a slender lead but due to a back injury was unable to compete for the whole week, so unable to add to his score. Eventually, the trophy went to Jimmy Carr by the narrowest of margins edging out Robbie Watts by one point.



Hole in one on debut for Travis Kim



Michael Brett, forty-two points at Laem Chabang.



Golfer of the Month Jimmy Carr.




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Bunker Boys Golf Report for the week commencing Monday May 9th


Monday, May 9th


Greenwood, Medal A & B.

1st Michael Brett (15) Net 73

2nd Kob Glover (21) Net 73

3rd Geoff Parker (19) Net 74


Near pins Jay Babin, Roger Tuohy, & Craig Dows.


A warm but blustery day for the first game of the week at Greenwood where we were allocated the A & B nines. Whilst looking in good shape the course was very damp underfoot with lots of plugged balls and even more mud balls. This was one of those days when we should have played pick, clean, and place. Once again the medal format proved unpopular with only a dozen turning up to play, we expect bigger numbers for the rest of the week with two superior courses, Greenvalley and Laem Chabang on the schedule.


Scoring was mediocre with a net seventy-three enough to take first place going to Michael Brett on countback from Kob Glover. Geoff Parker took third place a stroke back. Three of the four near pins were taken going to Craig Dows, Roger Tuohy, and Jay Babin. After over two years of absence, today was the first game back by Tom McMurray.


Wednesday, May 11th



1st Les Cobban (8) 41 points

2nd Niall Glover (13) 35 points

3rd Paul Smith (1) 34 points

4th Michael Brett (15) 31 points


Near pins Les Cobban, Geoff Parker, Craig Dows, & Geoff Cox


A rather unpleasant day weatherwise for our midweek game at Greenvalley. A shower on the front nine and a much heavier and longer rain period on the back nine made conditions challenging. With the wind blowing, the air heavy, and the ground soft scoring was disappointingly low with the best score of the first three groups being a meager thirty-one points, fortunately, the last two groups put up a better showing.


Les Cobban had a day to remember with a superb round of forty-one points, rolling in puts from every distance. Second place went to Niall Glover on thirty-five points with Paul Smith a creditable third with thirty-four points off one handicap. Michael Brett got the last spot in the winner's circle beating Kob Glover on countback with thirty-one points. All the near pins were taken with one each going to Les Cobban, Geoff Parker, Craig Dows, and Geoff Cox.


Friday, May 13th


Laem Chabang A & C.

1st Paul Smith (1) 34 points

2nd Niall Glover (13) 33 points

3rd Bill Richardson ( 12) 32 points


Near pins Niall Glover, Bill Richardson, Kevin LeBar, & Craig Dows.


A very hot day for the last game of the week at Laem Chabang where we were allocated the A & C nines. As ever the course was in pristine condition so no excuses for poor scoring. Nevertheless, that's what we got with nobody conquering the course unlike our last visit when forty-two points won the day. Playing off the white tees may have had an influence.


Today Paul Smith took the honours with a modest score of thirty-four points followed in second place a stroke back by Niall Glover. Bill Richardson took third as well as a near pin, with Kevin LeBar, Craig Dows, and Niall Glover taking the other three, surprisingly Paul Smith missed out on this occasion. We have a number of members missing at present either through injury, or overseas travel. We hope to return to bigger numbers in the coming weeks.



Les Cobban, big winner at Greenvalley



Paul Smith, winner at Laem Chabang



Michael Brett, winner at Greenwood



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Bunker Boys Golf Report for week commencing Monday May 16th


Monday, May 16th


1st Roger Tuohy (13) 38 points

2nd Michael Brett (15) 33 points

3rd Craig Dows (5) 33 points


Near pins Jay Babin, Bengt Engstrom, & Roger Tuohy X 2.


A really miserable day for the first game of the week at Emerald. As we teed off there was rain in the distance, but we felt we would not be affected as the wind was blowing in the direction of the rain. What we didn't know was there was more rain coming our way from a different direction and by the third hole it was bucketing down necessitating a run for cover and a delay of about forty minutes. After the resumption of play, light drizzle remained with us for a couple more holes before the wind stopped as well as the rain and an eerie stillness descended on us. By the close of play, we were in bright sunshine.


The Emerald course was in as good condition as we have seen it this year but it was not to everyone's taste. A good drive from the tee deserves a good lie on the fairway, unfortunately, that is rarely the case at Emerald. Faldo's design means lots of moguls with up and downhill lies as well as the ball above or below the feet, his philosophy being that people should be able to play every type of stroke.


Only Roger Tuohy mastered the course taking first place with thirty-eight points as well as two near pins. He also won the prize for the best-dressed golfer both on and off the course, Keith Hemmings is going to have to pull his socks up. Michael Brett edged out Craig Dows for second place on countback. The remaining near pins went to Bengt Engstrom and the wily Jay Babin. Today we had a surprise visit from Steve Durey who has been missing for some months, let's hope we see him more often in the future.


Wednesday, May 18th


St Andrews


1st Les Cobban (7) 37 points

2nd Bill Richardson (12) 36 points

3rd Robbie Watts (8) 36 points

4th Craig Dows (5) 35 points


Near pins Paul Smith, Les Cobban, Robbie Watts, & Michael Brett.


A decent field of eighteen for today's game at St Andrew's. On our present schedule, we play all three Barcelona Valley courses every month while current prices remain. St Andrews was in very nice condition apart from the bunkers which were well below what we expect. Some had washout tracks in them while most if not all had copious amounts of grass growing in them.


The weather looked threatening all day and a few drops did fall so the caddies had rain covers on bags early in the round, luckily we got finished without any interruptions. The pace of play was good so no excuses for poor play on that front. After nine holes both Les Cobban and Jimmy Carr shared the lead, both with twenty-one points, however, Jimmy faded badly on the back nine while Les went on with the job to take first place with thirty-seven points. A lot more was on offer for Les but his putter went cold. Bill Richardson took second place with thirty-six points edging out Robbie Watts on countback. After weeks of low scores, Robbie was back in business today evidenced by the wide smile on his face, could just be a relief to get out of the twenties. Craig Dows rounded out the winner's circle on thirty-five beating Niall Glover and Geoff Atwell on countback. All the near pins were taken with one each to Paul Smith, Les Cobban, Niall Glover, and Michael Brett. Today was the last game for Roger Tuohy and Keith Hemmings, we don't expect to see Roger again till February next year, I believe Keith will be back before then.


Friday, May 20th


Royal Lakeside


1st Robbie Watts (8) 38 points

2nd Niall Glover (13) 36 points

3rd Paul Smith (1) 36 points


Near pins Arthur Kimo, & Robbie Watts.


The Bunker Boys paid a visit to Royal Lakeside for the last game of the week after an absence of over two and a half years. Nothing much had changed in that time with the course in as good condition as before.  As with many courses of late, the bunkers seem to miss out on maintenance, not sure why as they are the cheapest to maintain. The wind was up as usual at this course, in fact, today it was very strong and made for difficult conditions, anyone with a hook or a slice found it particularly trying.


 Despite the difficult conditions, some good scores were returned none better than Robbie Watts who is now finding his feet after a prolonged lean spell, today his thirty-eight points were enough to take first place. Perhaps now after consecutive rounds of thirty-six and thirty-eight points, he will stop whining about his handicap.  Niall Glover and Paul Smith were tied on thirty-six and placed on countback in that order. Remarkably only two of the four near pins were taken going to Arthur Kimo and Robbie Watts, just an indication of how hard the wind was blowing.



The sartorially splendid Roger Tuohy, winner at Emerald.



Les Cobban, winner at St Andrew's



Robbie Watts, winner at Royal Lakeside.



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Bunker Boys Golf Report for week commencing Monday May 23rd


Monday, May 23rd


Khao Kheow C & A

1st Kob Glover (20) 38 points

2nd Craig Dows (5) 36 points

3rd Robbie Watts (8) 30 points


Near pins Kob Glover, Les Cobban, & Paul Smith X 2.


Another windy day for the first game of the week at Khao Kheow where we were allocated the C & A nines. No threat of rain today but once again just like last Friday at Royal Lakeside the wind had a big influence on the game. The course was in nice condition as we expect at Khao Kheow, even the bunkers were good today, unlike the last few courses we have played.


Scores were modest today with only two golfers putting in a good effort. Kob Glover took first place with fine thirty-eight points, to be fair she only played half the course as the red tees were ridiculously far forward of the yellows, in some cases almost one hundred yards. There are at least two courses in the area where the ladies get an unfair advantage in mixed competition for the same reason. Craig Dows was next in line with thirty-six points on a day when his putter worked, it's not uncommon for Craig to three put but not today. Robbie Watts was a distant third with only thirty points All the near pins were taken with one each to Les Cobban and Kob Glover and as usual Paul Smith took two.


Wednesday, May 25th


Burapha A & B


1st Craig Dows (5) 40 points

2nd Michael Brett (15) 38 points

3rd Geoff Parker (20)  38 points

4th Les Cobban (8) 38 points


Near pins Jimmy Carr, Craig Dows, Les Cobban & Niall Glover.


Burapha is arguably the best value golf in Pattaya at present, an all-in fee of twelve hundred baht is a deal not to be missed. With a course in very good condition and four nines to choose from it's a golfers paradise.


A nice cool breeze moderated the temperature today, without it, it would have been stinking hot, so conditions were perfect for good scoring, and that's exactly what we got with no fewer than six players better than thirty-six points. It was just a matter of time before Craig Dows sorted out his putting in Thailand and today following his second-place thirty-six on Monday he went four better today taking first place with forty points to put him in the box seat to take out his first golfer of the month trophy with only two rounds to go and some low scores to come off. A real logjam for second place with three as listed all on thirty-eight. There were also a couple of thirty-sevens so overall a very good day. Many were asking back at the bar why we don't play the course at least twice a month given the pricing and the quality of the course. All the near pins were taken with one each going to Jimmy Carr, Craig Dows, Les Cobban, & Niall Glover. In a very generous mood today for his last game of this trip Paul Smith lost all three sixes to the Aussies, seemed like a bit of a setup by the bandits from down under.


Friday, May 27th


Silky Oak.


1st Robbie Watts (8) 37 points

2nd Craig Dows (4) 35 points

3rd Peter Bottrell (14) 32 points


Near pins.Bill Richardson, Peter Bottrell, Craig Dows, & Kob Glover X 2.


Yet another windy day for our game at the quirky Silky Oak course. None of the drama of our last visit when we had torrential rain with thunder and lightning and at least twenty trees uprooted. It was good to see that they were able to save many of the trees by severely trimming them and then propping them up in an erect position. Already most look healthy again with leaves sprouting on them. , and soon they will be ok again.


 Despite the quirky design of the course, everyone enjoyed the round, a few people visited the no-go areas on the course and were appropriately penalised which was reflected in the scoring which for the most part was poor, although a couple of the Melbourne mob did record decent scores. Top score of the day was thirty-seven points from Robbie Watts, In his third visit to the winner's circle this week Craig Dows took second place with thirty-five points while Peter Bottrell made his first visit to the circle to take third place with thirty-two points. All five near pins were taken with one each to Bill Richardson, Peter Bottrell, and Craig dows while Kob Glover took two.



Kob Glover, winner at Khao Kheow



Craig Dows, winner at Burapha



The Melbourne Mob L to R Craig Dows, Robbie Watts, and Peter Bottrell



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Bunker Boys Golf Report for the week commencing Monday June 6th


Monday, June 6th


Greenwood C & A.


1st Jay Babin (22) 36 points

2nd Niall Glover (13) 33 points

3rd Kob Glover (19) 32 points


Near pins Jimmy Carr & kob Glover X 2.


Millionaire golf today at Greenwood where we had the course virtually to ourselves at very favourable rates, nine fifty walking or twelve fifty all-in. Greenwood is a course favoured by most and today it was in sparkling condition if slightly wet underfoot due to heavy overnight rain. The greens had been sanded recently and were a tad slippery.


A reasonable field of fourteen for this time of year so with nobody else on the course we enjoyed a speedy round. Scoring was very modest by Greenwood's standard with only Jay Babin putting in a decent show with a winning score of thirty-six points.  A family affair for second and third with the Glovers taking both, Niall coming out on top this time, however, Kob got some revenge taking two near pins with Jimmy Carr taking one other with one remaining flag going to a very worthy cause, the delinquent fund.


Wednesday, June 8th


St Andrews


1st Mashie Kaneta ((15) 35 points

2nd Niall Glover (12) 33 points

3rd Jimmy Carr (17) 32 points

4th Craig Dows (5) 32 points


Near pins Niall Glover, Jay Babin, & Graeme Mullins X 2.


A very respectable field of eighteen for today's game at St Andrew's, as has been said many times a good course will draw out a good number to play. The course was in splendid condition again although some did remark that they found the greens were a tad slow.


As always the course was a challenge with nobody really coming to terms with it so scores were low. In another rare visit, Mashi Kaneta did a smash and grab taking first place with thirty-five points. The ever-consistent Niall Glover took second with thirty-three points with Jimmy Carr and Craig Dows tied on thirty-two points. All the near pins were taken with one each to Niall Glover and Jay Babin with Graeme Mullins taking two.


Friday, June 10th




1st Niall Glover (12) 37 points

2nd Bob Innes (24) 34 points

3rd David Byford (8) 32 points

4th Robbie Watts (9) 32 points


Near pinsGraeme Mullins & Craig Dows.


A most unsatisfactory end to the week's golf with a game at Bangpra. The course was extremely crowded and the game was played at a glacial pace. A couple of big groups of more than four players were out ahead of the Bunker Boys and ruined the game for everybody with the round taking almost five hours to complete. Under the circumstances, there was a high level of frustration with a number of players losing their concentration resulting in poor scoring.


Enjoying a very good week Niall Glover was just about the only one who kept it together returning a score of thirty-seven points to take first place, his third placing for the week.  Bob Innes was three strokes back in second place. Newcomer David Byford who hails from Newcastle in NSW on debut took third place on thirty-two points. One of the longest hitters we have seen for a long time David took a fifty-six-degree wedge for his second shot on the fourth par four, an indication of just how far he hit his drives. Robbie Watts took the final place in the winner's circle also on thirty-two. Remarkably only two of the near pins were taken by Graeme Mullins and Craid Dows, surely a first at this course.


Our new home at the Sports Lounge in Soi Buakhao is starting to pay dividends, almost every week we see new people joining the group having seen the signage prominently displayed outside the bar, a mutually beneficial arrangement for the bar and the Bunker Boys.


We begin next week's golf with a real treat with a first-time-ever game at Muang Kaew. We had booked this course previously but due to extenuating circumstances we had a last-minute cancellation and it has taken nearly three years before we could return so we go there with high expectations



Jay Babin, winner at Greenwood



Mashie Kaneta winner at St Andrew's



Niall Glover, winner at Bangpra



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Bunker Boys Golf Report for the week commencing Monday June 13th


Monday, June 13th


Muang Kaew.


1st Robbie Watts (9) 34 points

2nd Keith Norman (14) 33 points

3rd Michael Brett (15) 31 points


Near pins Keith Norman, Les Cobban, Niall Glover, & Craig Dows X 2.


The more adventurous soles at the Bunker Boys made the long trip up to Bangkok to play a game a the Muang Kaew course, a first for all but Jimmy. Despite the longer distance to travel and the higher cost of the round, two thousand and four hundred baht just about everyone enjoyed the course and the day.


The course, though unusual with five par threes and lots of water hazards played reasonably easy despite the scoring which was disappointing. The best of the day was Robbie Watts who despite faltering on the closing holes did enough to take first place with thirty-four points. Keith Norman made his first appearance in the winners circle in second place on thirty-three, two ahead of Michael Brett in third on thirty-one points. All five near pins were taken with one each to Keith, Les Cobban, and Niall Glover with Craig Dows taking two.


The general consensus after the game was that we were glad we played the course but with the distance traveled and the all-in fees we would prefer to play Laem Chabang, a better course with less travel and at a cheaper rate on sports days.


Wednesday, June 15th




1st Niall Glover (12) 37 points

2nd Bob Innes (24) 34 points

3rd David Byford (8) 32 points

4th Robbie Watts (9) 32 points


Near pins Graeme Mullins & Craig Dows


A more relaxed drive today for the midweek game at Greenvalley. As always the course was in great condition, although some found the greens a bit slippery, it was hard to land on a green and stay. A warm day with very little breeze made for ideal conditions and with very few people on the course, a speedy round was had allowing some plenty of time to participate in their regular post-golf activities prior to the presentation at the Sports Lounge.


The ever-consistent Niall Glover took first place with thirty-seven points a full three strokes ahead of the man with the hat Bob Innes in second place. Newcomer David Byford edged out Robbie Watts on countback for third place, as is usual a New South Welshman will always beat a Victorian. Remarkably only two near pins were taken with Mullows (Graeme Mullins) and Craig Dows taking one each.


Friday, June 17th




1st Sean Murphy (20) 37 points

2nd Les Cobban (8) 37 points

3rd Bill Richardson (20) 35 points

4th Geoff Parker (20) 35 points


Near pins Jimmy Carr, Bill Richardson, Les Cobban, & Geoff Parker.


A rather unpleasant day for golf at Pattavia, a rain shower early in the round halted play for about ten minutes, thereafter it stayed fine although thunder and lightning persisted for most of the day.


The Pattavia course was up to its usual standard, the greens were curious with grain appearing to have a greater effect than normal, a number of people recorded three-putts.


Having started off slowly on this trip Sean Murphy is now hitting his straps and took first place today with thirty-seven points, knocking in putts from all over the place. Les Cobban who started his round in grand style with two birdies on the first three holes lost out on countback also with thirty-seven. Bill Richardson abandoned his driver in favour of a nineteen-degree hybrid off the tee still managed to outdrive his playing partners by a considerable distance and despite some indifferent putting managed to accumulate thirty-five points to take third place. Geoff Parker rounded out the scoring on the same number as Bill. All the near pins were taken, shared by Jimmy Carr, Bill Richardson, Les Cobban, & Geoff Parker.



Niall Glover, winner at Greenvalley.



Sean Murphy, winner at Pattavia.



Robbie Watts, winner at Muang Kaew.



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Bunker Boys Golf Report for the week commencing Monday June 20th


Monday, June 20th


Khao Kheow B & C


1st Keith Norman (14) 35 points

2nd Gary Smith (10) 35 points

3rd Michael Brett (15) 35 points

4th Niall Glover (12) 32 points.


Near pins Craig Dows, Alan Sullivan, Gary Smith, & Michael Brett


A field of sixteen for the first game of a new week at Khao Kheow where we were allocated the B & C nines. The course was virtually empty so a nice quick round again. There was much work being done to the course which was already in good shape apart from tee boxes which were about the worst of any course we play, rough, full of divots, and generally, well below what is expected of a course of this standing, I guess they will get around to them when the rest of the remedial work is completed hopefully.


A very tight game today with three players locked together on thirty-five points as listed and a further three all bunched up on thirty-three so a countback for every position. Remarkably with the ladies' tees over one thousand yards ahead of the men's Kob Glover didn't feature on either the winner's list or the near pins as she usually does, just a rare off day for her. Alan Sullivan took one near pin as did Craig Dows, Gary Smith, and Michael Brett.


Wednesday, June 22nd


Burapha A & B


1st Jay Babin (22) 42 points

2nd Jimmy Carr (18) 42 points

3rd Craig Dows (5) 40 points

4th Michael Brett (15) 40 points


Near pins Sean Murphy, Erik Anttonen, & Keith Norman X 2.


An overcast day with spitting rain just about all day for the midweek game at Burapha. Despite heavy overnight rain, the course was in superb condition to the extent that carts were allowed on the fairways. It felt like any moment we would get a drenching as thunder rumbled all around us, and there were several lightning flashes, but fortunately, the worst stayed away and we finished relatively dry.


The biggest field for some time with nineteen teeing off, a very good number for low season, our new location seems to attract passers bye keen to join in. Competition for places was the keenest we have seen for a long time with no fewer than eleven golfers finishing on thirty-six or over, a very high standard, no doubt some who thought they were in with a shout didn't even make the winners list. A remarkable twenty-four points on the back nine which included a wipe on the last by Jay Babin enabled him to edge out Jimmy Carr for first place, Jay's score was all the more remarkable given he had a total of three wipes. By contrast, Craig Dows eagled the last to edge out Michael Brett. It's worth noting that Sean Murphy and Robbie Watts finished with thirty-nine points, enough to win most days with Les Cobban and Keith Norman on thirty-seven points and Geoff Parker and Kevin LeBar on thirty-six. It's also noteworthy that someone who finished in the top four lost two of the three sixes halving the other. Near pins went to Erik Anttonen, & Sean Murphy with Keith Norman taking two. The race for the golfer of the month is really tightening up with three games left in the month, so who can do the business, stay tuned.


Friday, June 24th


Eastern Star.


1st Jimmy Carr (17) 33 points

2nd Michael Brett (15)32 points

3rd Niall Glover (13) 31 points


Near pins Craig Dows, Robby Watts, Kevin LeBar, and Keith Norman.


After an absence of almost three years for a variety of reasons, the Bunker Boys paid a visit to Eastern Star for the last game of the week. We enjoyed a much more cordial atmosphere at check-in than on our last visit, amazing what one staff change can do. Rain was falling and rainchecks were not an option so to encourage us to play were offered two hundred baht vouchers each to be used on the course or in the clubhouse.


One surprise we encountered was the caddies, who were not as good as previous with many complaining they had the worst caddie ever. Bill Richardson seemed to come off worst, his caddie grounded his cart on the very first hole and there it lay stuck until another cart was found. On the second hole, his caddie nearly poked his eye out with the flagstick, not a great start to his round but like a trooper, he battled on.


Unlike the remarkable scoring on Wednesday, today was the opposite with very low scores recorded. With several remarkable long putts, some from off the green Jimmy Carr managed top score with thirty-three points, one ahead of Michael Brett in second place. Jimmy did however miss a couple of short ones so it evened itself out over the course of the round. Niall Glover brought up the rear. All the near pins were taken with one each to Kevin LeBar, Robbie Watts, Keith Norman, and Craig Dows.


With today's weather, we were left in no doubt who our fine weather golfers are, we even had one person who drove to the course and then decided he wasn't playing well enough to play in the rain so he simply went back home again.



Keith Norman, winner at Khao Kheow.



Jay Babin, big winner at Burapha.




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Bunker Boys golf report for week commencing Monday July 18th


Monday, July 18th


Chiang Mai Trip.


Day 1

Mae-Jo Golf Course

1st Hubert Stiefenhofer (14) 41 points

2nd Robby Watts (8) 38 points

3rd Craig Dows (4) 31 points


Near pins, Robby Watts, Craig Dows, Les Cobban, & Hubert Stiefenhofer


Chiang Mai is a venue that has eluded the Bunker Boys for many years so it was with great expectations that a strong group made the trip to the Northern City for a week of golf. This was not the easiest trip to organise for a variety of reasons and unfortunately, one member of the group was unable to board the plane and had to return to Pattaya, all note that even for domestic air travel within Thailand a passport is required.


The first game of the Chiang Mai trip was played at the Mae-Jo Course, a layout that most described as tricky. Whilst in good overall condition there was absolutely no run on the fairways and the greens were the slowest that anyone can remember for a long time, someone described them as like putting on velcro, consequently for the most part scores were poor. This did not apply to Hubert Stiefenhofer who flew in all the way from Southern Germany to participate and top scored with forty-one points, he must have been practicing hard since our last away trip to Nakon Nayok, will he join LIV ?. Following a week off with a back injury Robby Watts took second place with a fine thirty-eight points, clearly, some Thai lady with healing hands worked her magic on his back. Another Aussie Craig Dows took third place with thirty-one points, a good couple of days for the antipodeans with Cameron Smith winning the Open at St Andrew's. All the near pins were taken with one each to Robby, Craig, Hubert, and Les Cobban.


Day 2.


Highlands, Chiang Mai


1st Craig Dows (4) 37 points

2nd Kob Glover (19) 29 points

3rd Jimmy Carr (18) 28 points


Near pins Kob Glover, Hubert Stiefenhofer, & Les Cobban.


The Highlands course was in exceptional condition today, a big step up in quality from Monday. The greens were normal today, unlike yesterday's velcro greens.  The rough however was brutal so anybody going in there was seriously punished.


 The course was universally liked but off the blue tees at six thousand five hundred and thirty yards it was a serious examination of golfing ability with only Craig Dows passing the test with a fine score of thirty-seven points. A full eight strokes back to second place where we find Kob Glover on twenty-nine points with Jimmy Carr a further stroke back in third place. Three of the four near pins were taken with one each going to Kob Glover, Hubert Stiefenhofer, and Les Cobban. Without dressing it up too much Les Cobban's near pin was the shot of the day resulting in a hole-in-one, can't get any closer than that. Les is a bit of a master of this aspect of the game, his second that I recall in recent time, and also the third this year so far for the Bunker Boys. To mark this one a round of free drinks was available courtesy of club funds later at O'Malley's Irish Bar


Day 3


Gassan Panorama


1st Bill Richardson (12) 40 points

2nd Craig Dows (4) 37 points

3rd David Prior (19 ) 36 points


Waterworld might be a description best suited to today's course Gassan Panorama. Not only is there a lot of water on the course naturally, but heavy overnight rain meant a lot of casual water also. Whilst there was no game scheduled for today those who believe that too much golf is barely enough, a round was added at Gassan Panorama which does not count in the week's competition.


The course was the most difficult so far with long water carries on most holes either off the tee or in front of greens, even both on some holes, also there was a lot of lateral water on most holes. With so much water to negotiate lost balls were common, one individual admits to eight, Geoff Parker owned up to losing ten. Sleeves of golf balls were the prizes for near pins and one winner lost a whole sleeve of brand new balls to a watery grave, ouch!!!.  A competition could have been run for the person losing the least number of balls, or maybe it should be the one who lost the most balls.


As the round was not part of the week's competition no near pins were awarded today. Bill Richardson clearly found no difficulty with the course returning a card of forty points to take first place. Clearly, without the distraction of Pattaya nightlife, Craig Dows is getting plenty of sleep at night and is in good shape for golf, with consecutive rounds of thirty-seven and a three in a row in the winner's circle he certainly has his game dialed in and has his eyes firmly fixed on the prize which incidentally he had a big influence in selecting. David Prior made his first appearance in the winners circle taking third place with thirty-six points.


Day 4


Gassan Legacy


1st Niall Glover (12) 37 points

2nd Robby Watts (8) 33 points

3rd Craig Dows (4) 32 points


Near pins Craig Dows, Hubert Stiefenhofer, Jay Babin X 2.


The Gassan Legacy Course was in nice condition with the greens the best so far this week. Once again a course with plenty of water carries,  not as much as Gassan Panorama but still enough to get people's attention. The lost ball count was way down on the disaster of yesterday so people were relieved on that score.


The ever-consistent Niall Glover was today's winner with a very steady thirty-seven points. Robby Watts kept himself in the hunt for the player of the week with thirty-three points, whilst the leader for the week so far Craig Dows took third place with thirty-two points and remains two ahead of Robby in the overall standings with Hubert seven back from Craig, who will take the prize tomorrow. All the near pins were taken with Craig and Hubert taking one each and Jay Babin taking two.


Day 5


Alpine Chiang Mai B &C.


1st RobbyWatts (8) 34 points

2nd Alex Sala (19) 34 points

3rd Les Cobban (8) 31 points

4th Niall Glover (12) 31 points


Near pins Niall Glover X 2, & Les Cobban X 2.


The winner for the week, Robby Watts, 132 points, 2nd Craig Dows,127 points, 3rd Hubert Stiefenhofer, 123 points


Despite heavy overnight rain and rain falling for at least half the round Alpine was rated the best of the week, in particular, the greens were far superior to any of the other courses played. It was disappointing having waited so long to visit Chiang Mai that the week could be dogged by bad weather.


Some of the closest scoring yet today with Robby Watts edging out Alex Sala on countback both on thirty-four points. A countback for third and fourth also with Les Cobban taking it from Niall Glover.  Two near pins each to Niall Glover and Les Cobban. With Craig Dows failing to add to his score the way was open for Robby Watts to step up which he duly did with his thirty-four points to be nominated the week's winner. No doubt he will be back to the lady with the healing hands in preparation for the last week of the month to see if he can add the golfer of the month trophy to his display cabinet.


Looking forward our next away trip is provisionally penciled in for September to Hua Hin with a game at Suwan on the way there. No specific week has been identified at this stage so anyone interested in joining the trip should watch this space.


After a long absence of almost three years were reliably informed that one of the Bunker Boys' favourite sons Gordon Melia will pay us a visit next month, the welcome mat is already out.













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Bunker Boys Golf Report for the week commencing Monday August 15th


Monday. August 15th


Greenwood C & B White tees.

1st Robby Watts (9) 37 points

2nd Geoff Parker (20) 35 points

3rd Paul Anderson (16) 33 points

4th Kob Glover (20) 33 points


Near pins Tony Cliff, Robby Watts, & Bil Richardson X 2


A couple of very pleasant surprises to start the week at the Bunker, first, all the sick people from the past few weeks have recovered and were on board today, second, we were delighted to welcome back Gordon Melia after an absence of about three years looking fighting fit and healthy.


The most distant of our local courses, Greenwood was the venue for today's game and was in good shape albeit a bit damp underfoot. Despite that, we didn't play lift, clean, and place which with the benefit of hindsight we probably should have. Just about everyone had several mudballs and some particularly bad ones turned the game into a bit of a lottery making a game of skill into a game of chance.


Although not at his best today Robby Watts was good enough to take first place with a respectable thirty-seven points. An appearance by Geoff Parker at the presentation was an indication that he may be in the frame and so it turned out with him taking second place with thirty-five points, his best score for some time. Paul Anderson on thirty-three points took third place on countback pushing Kob Glover into the remaining fourth place in the winner's circle. Almost fully recovered from Pneumonia Bil Richardson showed superior accuracy to take two near pins with Tony Cliff and Robby Watts taking the remaining two. Today we bade farewell to Hubert Stiefenhof who returns to Germany to take care of some business before returning again in December,  we wish Hubert Gute Reise.


A real test of ability and course management skills awaits on Wednesday with a game at St Andrew's, who is going to master this challenge?


Wednesday, August 17th


St Andrews

1st Robby Watts (9) 35 points

2nd Mashie Kaneta (18) 32 points

3rd Gary Smith (10) 30 points

4th Jimmy Carr (19) 30 points


Near pins. Wan Miller, & Jay Mitchell


Just as predicted St Andrews threw up a real challenge but not the one we were expecting. The course, normally in great condition was in the poorest state we have seen it possibly forever. Whilst the fairways were ok the greens were dreadful, bumpy in places, and unbelievably slow. It was hard to get your mind to believe that what your eyes were seeing was not true, so many puts were not just a bit short, but way short. The bunkers were disgraceful, possibly the worst we have ever seen, with no sand and full of weeds and grass, it will take a massive effort to restore them to even an acceptable level. As if the course wasn't bad enough a very strong wind blew all-day adding to the difficulty.


The pace of play was fine until the back nine where we ran up against a couple of very slow groups which held us up on just about every hole, all in all, one of the least satisfying days of golf.


Scoring was very substandard with most not breaching thirty points. Someone remarked that every time he saw Robby Watts he was in trouble, he must have scrambled well as he took first place with thirty-five points making it two in a row, can he do a three in a week on Friday?  Mashie Kaneta took second place with thirty-two, the Bunker Boys always seems to be a happy hunting ground for Mashie. Gary Smith took third on countback from Jimmy Carr, both on thirty points. Only two near pins were taken by Jay Mitchell and Wan Miller. There was a real scramble for one of them with at least four players a short distance from the hole which on another day would be close enough to win.


Friday, August 19th


Wangjuntr Golf Park Highlands Course

1st Gary Smith (10) 36 points

2nd Kob Glover (20) 32 points

3rd Robby Watts (9) 30 points


Near pins Gary Smith, Les Cobban, & Jay Mitchell X 2.


It had been at least three years since the Bunker Boys' last visit to Wangjuntr to play the Valley Course so this time we opted for the more popular Highlands layout. which as it turned out was a mistake. Since the COVID period, it seems that far more attention was lavished on the Valley Course than the other two, consequently, the Highlands layout was in disappointing condition. Feral pigs destroyed several fairways rooting for whatever feral pigs root destroying them in the process. Worse still the greens were so bad they made St Andrews from Wednesday look good, rough, bare, and bumpy as well as variable in speed making for an odious mix.


Despite the conditions, someone always shines through, and today it was the turn of Gary Smith who took first place with a solid thirty-six points. Kob Glover took second with thirty-two points and Robby Watts completing the winners circle with thirty points. All the near pins were taken with one each to Gary Smith and Les Cobban, Jay Mitchell took two.


The day wasn't a complete disaster, with wildlife in abundance everywhere you care to look there was something for nature lovers if not golfers.



Robby Watts, winner at Greenwood & St Andrews.



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I like your feedback and Golf post,s in general....is there any chance that one of your group could post similar on Birdie....imho feedback whether good bad or ugly is required to help all us golfers and maybe just maybe certain golf clubs might take note and make those little improvements that might be required.....thanks.

Birdie - Golf Courses in Thailand
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Bunker Boys Golf Report for week commencing Monday August 22nd


Monday, August 22nd


Treasure Hill, white tees

1st Kob Glover (19) 31 points

2nd Robby Watts (9) 29 points

3rd Raleigh Gosney (19) 29 points


Near pins, Kob Glover, Niall Glover, & Bil Richardson


After an absence of several months, the Bunker Boys made a return visit to Treasure Hill. and for the second day in a row, we seemed to be the only people on the course. A big difference though was the quality of the course particularly the greens. After consecutive games where the greens were very substandard, it was a pleasure to play on proper greens once again.


As always Treasure Hill was difficult, with trees once again causing problems. Some regard Treasure Hill as a thinking man's course, clearly not too many thinkers were present for today's round as scores were the lowest we have seen for some time. The thinking man today turned out to be a lady, Kob Glover who took first place with thirty-one points, the only one to breach the thirty mark. Robby Watts took second on countback from Raleigh Gosney, both on twenty-nine points. The Glovers, Niall, and Kob took a near pin each with Bil Richardson taking the third with one unclaimed.


With more than half the month gone scores in the golfer of the month race being the lowest for some time, nobody is really staking a claim at this stage so the stage is set for someone to step up and show some form for the rest of the month.


Wednesday, August 24th






Near pins.



Kob Glover, winner at Treasure Hill



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Bunker Boys Golf Report for week commencing Monday August 22nd


Monday, August 22nd


Treasure Hill

1st Kob Glover (19) 31 points

2nd Robby Watts (9) 29 points

3rd Raleigh Gosney (19) 29 points

Near pins Bil Richardson, Kob Glover, & Niall Glover.


After the previous two rounds where conditions were substandard, it was nice to play a course in decent condition. The Treasure Hill course was difficult as always which was reflected in the scoring, at least the greens were nice for a change. A little wind made for even more difficulty than normal.


On a day when only one player breached thirty points, it was a lady, Kob Glover who took first place with thirty-one points. On a course where he rarely has less than thirty-six points, Robby Watts took second place with a lowly twenty-nine beating Raliegh Gosney on countback. Only three near pins were taken with the Glovers, Kob, and Niall taking one each with Bil Richardson taking the third.


Wednesday, August 24th


Burapha A & B. White tees.

1st Niall Glover (12) 41 points

2nd Robby Watts (9) 39 points

3rd Paul Smith (2) 38 points

4th Michael Brett (15) 37 points

Near pins Kob Glover, Bil Richardson, & Robby Watts X 2.


A step up in course quality today with a midweek game at Burapha where we played the A & B nines. Once again we were tricked by the positioning of the white markers which according to the card were to be around six-thousand four hundred yards, as it turned out they were closer to six thousand yards.


For the first time, the Bunker Boys played a new rule whereby mudballs were allowed to be cleaned and dropped close to where they lay without penalty. This new rule change will obviate the need to play pick, clean, and place in the future as the casual water rule will apply where appropriate.


By contrast with Monday where only one player breached thirty points, only one player out of a field of twenty failed to reach thirty points today. As with the last couple of visits to Burapha scoring was of a high standard. Niall Glover took first place with a remarkable display of putting prowess with forty-one points. Two back Robby Watts rediscovered his short game to take second place with thirty-nine points. After a few months, away Paul Smith made a return to the Bunker with a solid round of thirty-eight points to take third while Michael Brett rounded out the winners circle with thirty-seven points. All The near pins were taken with one each to Kob Glover and Bil Richardson, with Robby taking two.


Friday, August 26th


Khao Kheow A & B

1st Gary Smith(10) 36 points

2nd Niall Glover (12) 32 points

3rd Michael Brett (15) 28 points

Near pins JJ Harney, & Paul Smith X 2.


A most unpleasant day for the last game of the week at Khao Kheow where we played the A & B nines. Ominous-looking clouds turned into heavy rain on the front fine for a couple of holes only to return again on the back nine, making for very difficult conditions. Gloves and grips were wet, the course was sodden, and a bit of wind didn't help either.


Scoring was very poor overall with only Gary Smith putting in a decent shift on thirty-six points to take first place. Niall Glover was a bit away from his forty-one of Wednesday with thirty-two points to take second while twenty-eight points must be an all-time low score taking third place much to the surprise of Michael Brett. Three near pins were won, one going to JJ Harney, with the other two unsurprisingly going to Paul Smith



Kob Glover, winner at Treasure Hill



Niall Glover, winner at Burapha



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Bunker Boys Golf Report for the week commencing Monday November 14th


Monday, November 14th


Royal Lakeside


1st Keith Smithson (2) 32 points

2nd Niall Glover (13) 32 points

3rd Brendan Hartnett (16) 32 points

4th Gary Smith (10) 31 points


Near pins Peter Bottrell, Keith Smithson, Niall Glover, & Craig Dows.


A first visit back to Royal Lakeside since high season pricing kicked in where the all-in fee was now eighteen hundred baht and the walking price was fourteen hundred baht. Those with a PSC member card got a two hundred baht discount and a voucher valid till the end of December for an all-in fee of fourteen hundred baht which is quite reasonable compared to other courses so we will return again next month.


Playing off the blue tees and with a strong wind blowing conditions were difficult and this was reflected in scoring which was low by normal standards with nobody really coming to terms with the extra distance and the wind. In his first gamer back since pre-COVID days, Keith Smithson took first place on countback from Niall Glover. Also on the same score, Brendon Hartnett took third and never seems to be out of the frame. Gary Smith rounded out the scoring one stroke adrift. One near pin each to Peter Bottrell, Craig Dows, Keith Smithson, and  Niall glover


The weather gods smiled on us today as threatening rain didn't come until we were back in the clubhouse. On the way back to Pattaya we ran into an enormous storm which made driving hazardous and difficult while it lasted.


Wednesday, November 16th




1st Niall Glover (13) 39 points

2nd  Paul Smith (2) 36 points

3rd Gary Smith (10) 35 points

4th Kob Glover (19) 33 points

5th Jay Mitchell (22) 32 points


Near pins Craig Dows, Bil Richardson, & Gary Smith.


To our great surprise today we found the walking fee at Greenvalley was nine hundred baht as opposed to the all-in fee of sixteen hundred so many people took the opportunity to get some exercise and walk. By any measure seven hundred baht for a cart feels excessive, no doubt a more reasonable fee would have garnered more revenue for the club


What started out as a very pleasant day for golf with mild temperature and no wind turned ugly by the middle of the front nine with thunder and lightning all around and intermittent rain, once heavy enough to force a quick rain break. As always the course was in good condition.


In a rich vein of form recently Niall Glover took first place with thirty-nine points. Paul Smith took second place three strokes back, with Gary Smith a further stroke back in third, Gary set off in a rush with three birdies in the first six holes and twenty-three points on the front nine only to fade badly on the back. Kob Glover took fourth with thirty-three points and in a rare appearance Jay Mitchell rounded out the scoring with thirty-two points. Three near pins went to Craig Dows, Bil Richardson, and Gary Smith.


Friday, November 18th




1st Brendan Hartnett (16) 35 points

2nd Paul Smith (1) 35 points

3rd Keith Norman (14) 33 points

4th Craig Dows (5) 33 points

5th Gary Smith (9) 32 points


Near pins Brendan Hartnett, Geoff Williams, & Paul Smith X 2.


The Pattavia course had received a lot of rain since our last visit a week ago and greened up quite a bit. Fairways were a bit softer with little or no run and mudballs were common. The greens were weird, to say the least, much slower than we are used to and had been scarified leaving virtual tramlines running in all directions making for difficult putting.


Rain threatened all day and by the close of play it looked like we would get a drenching, luckily we finished just in time before it hit.


Steady Eddie, Brendan Hartnett took the honours again today with thirty-five points off his very generous sixteen handicap edging out Paul Smith on countback. Keith Norman and Craig Dows also finished with the same score of thirty-three points with Gary Smith rounding out the winner's list with thirty-two points in fifth place. All the near pins were taken with Geoff Williams and Brendan Hartnett taking one each and as usual Paul Smith took two.


A split round for next week with at least fourteen golfers making a flying visit to Royal Hills for two games with a further game booked for Lam Lu Ka on the return trip. Those that are staying in Pattaya are making their own arrangements with games scheduled for Crystal Bay and Mountain Shadow, two courses we haven't played for a long time so we will be interested to get their feedback on both courses.



Keith Smithson, winner at Royal Lakeside



Niall Glover, winner st Greenvalley.



Brendan Hartnett, winner at Pattavia



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Bunker Boys Golf Report for the week commencing Monday December 19th


Monday, December 19th


Greenwood C & B White tees


1st Daryl Vernon (26) 38 points

2nd Paul Smith (0) 36 points

3rd Ken Davidson (28) 35 points

4th Neil Jones (26) 35 points

5th Gary Smith (10) 34 points


Near pins Bob Innes, Luke Kuiten, Curtis Hegge, & Craig Dows.


For the second week in a row, we ventured to our most distant local course Greenwood where we were allocated the  C & B nines. Today there was no problem with mud-balls, in the space of a week the course had improved remarkably and was in nice condition, the other change we noticed was an unwelcome hike in green fees, to be fair the increase wasn't too bad and the fees were comparable if not better than many other courses. A stiff breeze blew all day and kept temperatures cool, in fact, the area is experiencing much cooler temperatures than locals are used to, any visitors from the Northern Hemisphere find it balmy.


A very good day for the high handicappers with three in the top four places. Daryl Vernon topped the list with thirty-eight points. A full twenty-six difference in handicap saw Paul Smith take second place with a fine round of thirty-six. Ken Davidson kept the Liverpool flag flying with thirty-five points in third place with Neil Jones losing on countback to take fourth. Gary Smith edged out Craig Dows also on countback to take fifth place. A couple of newbies Curtis Hegge and Luke Kuiten got in the action with a near pin each with regulars Bob Innes and Craig Dows taking the remaining two.


With reference to Ken Davidson and Liverpool, someone recently remarked that it was so cold in Liverpool recently that people were seen with their hands in their own pockets, no litigation, please.


Wednesday, December 21st




1st Paul Smith (0) 34 points

2nd Curtis Hegge (4) 32 points

3rd Gary Smith (10) 30 points

4th Bil Richardson (15) 30 points


Near pins Craig Dows & Paul Smith X 2.


The midweek game was played at Greenvalley in pleasant conditions, cooler than normal again and slightly windy. The course was in nice condition, but the greens proved to be a real challenge, they were as fast as anyone can ever remember for a very long time. To make matters worse some of the pin placements were evil and tested both the skill and patience of everybody. It's fair to say that nobody mastered the course today with scoring very modest at best. We are scheduled to play a round of the club championship there next month and some are questioning the wisdom of that choice given how difficult the greens are at present.

Today we had a pleasant surprise at the course when we found the walking fee to be two hundred baht less than quoted at the time of booking, very good value indeed, what was less pleasing was the cost of a cart which was an additional eight hundred baht, needless to say, there were many walkers making for a slow round.


In contrast with Monday when the high handicappers ruled the roost, today it was a complete reversal with the low handicappers dominating the leaderboard. Paul Smith was the only one to post a half-decent score taking first place with thirty-four points. In only his second game at the Bunker Curtis Hegge took second place with thirty-two points. The other Smith, Gaz took third on countback from Bil Richardson both with thirty points Only three near pins were taken with the ever-greedy Paul Smith taking two again and closing in on one hundred for the year, can he do it? Craig Dows took the other one with the easiest par three, the third not won.


Another challenge for Smithy is to win golfer of the month again which would make it six for the year, it seems a long shot at this stage on current standings, but who knows? Kob Glover is currently out in front with an accumulated score that most months would be good enough to win, however, Bil Richardson is hovering just one back so it's all to play for with four games remaining, who will prevail?


Friday, December 23rd




1st Dave Ashman (29) 38 points

2nd Paul Smith (0) 36 points

3rd Niall Glover (11) 36 points

4th Gary Smith (10) 36 points

5th Geoff Parker (21) 36 points


Near pins Kevin LeBar, Bil Richardson, Craig Dows, & Michael Brett.


It was a return to the past today at Pattavia where particularly on the front nine the greens were so quick that any putt that missed the hole had a good chance of being off the green. It was only slightly better on the back nine where the greens hadn't been cut so tight, tricky pin placements didn't help. The wind was blowing again, it feels like we are in a delayed windy season which usually comes in October.


A mixed bag in the scoring department where those at the top did quite well but amongst the rest, there were some lamentable scores. In his first win for some time Dave Ashman took first place with a fine round of thirty-eight points and being the kind soul that he is got the Christmas spirit flowing back at the bar by ringing the bell, well done Dave. A logjam for the rest of the scoreboard with four all locked together on thirty-six and placed in the above order. Near pins were hotly contested and shared between Bil Richardson, Craig Dows, Kevin LeBar, and Michael Brett.


An unusual occurrence on the course where  Murray Greig wiped four consecutive holes coming to the eighteenth. There he hit his regular drive so far he was left with a nine iron to the green for his second and put it three feet from the hole where of course he duly sank the putt for the only eagle of the day, you had to be there to believe it.


The Club Championship is scheduled for the third week of January at Greenwood and Greenvalley so those with an eye to winning this prestigious event should be honing their game in preparation and those overseas players planning a visit to Thailand should factor in the dates in their travel schedules so they don't miss out.

Very good news on the bell-ringing front with Geoff Parker announcing that next time he wins he will indeed ring the bell, even better Paul Smith rose to the challenge so when Geoff buys a round he will buy four more, come on Geoff.



Daryl Vernon winner at Greenwood.



Paul Smith winner at Greenvalley.



Dave Ashman winner at Pattavia.



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Bunker Boys Golf Report for week commencing Monday December 26th


Monday, December 26th


Royal Lakeside

1st Mark Hayward (20) 37 points

2nd Craig Dows (5) 37 points

3rd Michael Brett (17) 33 points

4th Gary Smith (10) 33 points


Near pins.Craig Dows, Les Cobban, Curtis Hegge, & Hubert Stiefenhofer.


As always the Royal Lakeside course was in immaculate condition for the Boxing Day game where we had a good field of twenty-four. Following our last visit, many had vouchers that entitled them to an all-in fee of fourteen hundred baht which was very good value given the holiday season with courses very crowded.


As the course was busy we started from the tenth tee and very quickly ran up against a five and two six balls so a slow round ensued, there was waiting time on most of what is normally the front nine. The wind swirled around from different directions and created the usual challenge, otherwise, conditions for golf were perfect.

Scores were reasonable and a bit tight at the top. Mark Hayward made a breakthrough win today beating Craig Dows on countback, both with thirty-seven points. Also a tie for third and fourth with Michael Brett edging out Gary Smith. Near pins went to all the usual regular near pin takers, i.e. Craig Dows, Les Cobban, Curtis Hegge, and Hubert Steifenhofer, the notable absentee being Paul Smith who had an all-round bad day by his standards


Wednesday, December 28th


Silky Oak

1st Craig Dows (5) 38 points

2nd Hubert Steifenhofer (22) 36 points

3rd Michael Brett (17) 34 points

4th Niall Glover (11) 34 points

5th Bil Richardson (15) 34 points


Near pins Kob Glover, Bil Richardson, Michael Brett, & Craig Dows X 2.


Another split round today with the main group going to Silky Oak and those that don't like it going to Bangpra where they had to endure a slow round on a very crowded course. At Silky Oak we found a course in decent condition but heading for trouble. In several areas, the irrigation system was broken and water flowed freely onto the course necessitating a free drop in those sodden areas. The greens were quite hard so it was a challenge to hit and stick on them, resulting in much chipping or putting from off the greens.


Despite going O.B. twice on adjoining fairways where internal O.B. applied Craig Dows still had an excellent score of thirty-eight points to take first place. A highlight of his round was a chip-in from about one hundred out for an eagle. Hubert Steifenhofer had his best round to date and took second place with thirty-six. points. A real dogfight for third where Michael Brett took it with twenty-two on the back from Niall Glover and Bil Richardson on countback. All near pins were taken with one each to Kob Glover, Bil Richardson, and Michael Brett with Craig Dows taking two.


Friday, December 30th



1st Jay Babin (22) 38 points

2nd Mark Hayward (20) 36 points

3rd Gary Smith (10) 35 points

4th Neil Jones (26) 32 points


Near pins Kob Glover, Jochen Stepp, & Michael Brett


The last game of the month and indeed the year was played at Emerald where we found a very busy course. For the first time that anyone can remember it was possible to share a cart as there were not enough for everyone to have their own.


An all-in fee of eleven hundred baht was good value, nevertheless, several groups walked which was not a problem as the pace of play was fairly pedestrian. The full complement of Bunker Boys was on hand for this game, split rounds do very little in the way of cohesion.


Much like Silky Oak, the irrigation system is breaking down and in several areas the ground was sodden

Jay Babin took the honours today with a fine round of thirty-eight, he was at the course early and had plenty of time on the practice range to hone his skills. Mark Hayward was again in the frame and took second place with thirty-six points, a cut in handicap could be coming his way very soon. Gary Smith had thirty-five points in third place with Neil Jones rounding out the leaderboard with thirty-two points. Near pins went to Kob Glover, Jochen Stepp, and Michael Brett.


We have to wait a little longer before we crown our first lady golfer of the month, Kob Glover came very close missing out by just two points to the winner Bil Richardson in a first for him.


Year in review


Looking back over the year that was we had a return to relative normality after two very disrupted years. Most of our regular visitors were seen back in Pattaya and playing golf again, only very few are still to return.

Early in the year and almost without notice we relocated to our new home in Soi Buakhao at the Sports Lounge where our host Terry does a sterling job looking after all our before and after golf needs. Another major change came our way when Niall Glover took over the day-to-day running of golf from Jimmy Carr. and also booking courses from Tony Robbins. As a result, we saw several changes to our playing roster with some courses being dropped and new ones added, the overall standard of courses improved. Throughout the year we enjoyed relatively good pricing for courses up until the start of high season when some courses implemented crazy pricing, hopefully, we can get back to more normal pricing soon.


A total of one hundred and fifty-eight games were played throughout the year by one hundred and seventy-five different golfers from twelve different countries, only two games were rained off.


 A very good year for holes in one with Travis Kim, Paul Smith, Les Cobban, and Raliegh Gosney all adding their names to the honour board. Another highlight came by way of Paul Smith who took out a record five golfer of the month trophies and eighty-six near pins. He also achieved his ambition to play off a scratch handicap at the ripe old age of sixty. Another notable achievement came by way of Kob Glover who took six strokes off her handicap to be crowned most improved player of the year. We have yet to find the club champion for the year as the event was deferred to late January to accommodate some of our overseas players.



Winner at Royal Lakeside Mark Hayward



Craig Dows took the honours at Silky Oak



Bill Richardson, golfer of the month



Winner at Emerald Jay Babin



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Bunker Boys Golf Report for the week commencing Monday January 16th


Monday, January 16th


Treasure Hill


1st Daryl Vernon (24) 39 points

2nd Neil Jones (26) 35 points

3rd Craig Dows (4) 33 points

4th Neil Hurst (9) 33 points

5th Jimmy Carr (19) 33 points

6th Niall Glover (12) 33 points


Near pins Paul Smith, Steve Evans, Kob Glover, & Roland Davison.


Back to Treasure Hill for the second time this month, in this high season of crazy pricing, some courses appear with monotonous regularity on our playing roster, hopefully by the end of the month sanity will return and we can return to the roster we have become accustomed to with courses like Bangpra, Khao Kheow, Pattaya Country Club and Pattana on our monthly schedule.


Treasure Hill would not be among most people's favourite courses, although to be fair it is always in very good condition, if course management could be cajoled into removing a couple of the most offensive trees it would be a much more popular course.


Overall scores were very good for this course, you rarely see anybody burn it up, unlike today when Daryl Vernon did just that with a superb round of thirty-nine points, the second big win for Daryl in recent weeks. Another in good form Neil Jones took second with a very respectable thirty-five points, a score that most days would be good enough to win at Treasure Hill. Craig Dows, Neil Hurst, Jimmy Carr, and Niall Glover were all locked together on thirty-three points and finished as listed. Good to see the prodigal son Jimmy Carr back with the Bunker Boys again, does this mean he is back to stay, we certainly hope so as he has contributed so much to the Bunker Boys over many years. Kob Glover, Roland Davison, Steve Evans, and Paul Smith all got near pins.


Wednesday, January 18th


Bangpakong Riverside


1st Neil Hurst (8) 42 points

2nd Daryl Vernon (23) 40 points

3rd Kob Glover (16) 38 points

4th Jimmy Carr (19) 38 points

5th Mike Lloyd (14) 36 points


Near pins Kob Glover, Phil Ma<deleted>er, & Neil Hurst X 2.


Bangpakong is a course notorious for price gouging, hence the reason we haven't been there for such a long time. On our last visit, we were advised that our booking price was not correct and we had to pay more, that was despite our price being clearly displayed on a monitor behind the booking clerk. When this was pointed the clerk with egg all over her face conceded to our original booked price. Imagine the lost revenue from the Bunker Boys in the interval, once again the law of unintended consequences at play.


Today was not a happy return to Bangpakong with the round taking about five hours and fifteen minutes to complete. This was way too long and took most of the joy out of what could have been a great day. As always the course was in superb condition, even better than before as the waste areas installed for some crazy reason have all been removed again and the course restored to its former glory. The greens had been cored and sanded some time ago and are not yet back to their best, still very good though.


It usually takes a big score to win here and we had several today, none better than Neil Hurst with a superb round of forty-two points. Showing that Monday's performance was no flash in the pan Daryl Vernon went one better today taking second place with forty points. Kob Glover struck again with thirty-eight points to take third from Jimmy Carr on countback. Fresh back from the UK Mike Lloyd rounded out the scoring with a very tidy thirty-six points. Naturally, Kob Glover took a near pin with Phil Ma<deleted>er taking the long seventh with Neil Hurst taking both on the back nine.


By the time we had finished this marathon, the downstairs bar had closed leaving several hanging out for a coffee, with hundreds still out on the course a big business opportunity was lost. The pro shop at Bangpakong has some of the best golfing merchandise of any course we play and although they have very expensive golf shirts they also carry a reasonable stock of stylish, colourful shirts at reasonable prices.


Friday, January 20th




1st Colin Greig (15) 38 points

2nd Alan Sullivan (12) 36 points

3rd Ken Davidson (28) 36 points

4th Neil Hurst (7) 35 points

5th Niall Glover (12) 35 points

6th Neil Jones (25) 35 points


Near pins Stuart Tinkler, Craig Dows, Dave Galvin, & Colin Greig.


Our second visit to Pattavia this month although very few were complaining as it's a favourite course of many. A very solid roll-up today with thirty-one players in attendance. Nothing to be said about the course that hasn't already been said. Today was the last chance to do some fine-tuning prior to the club championship next week.


Some very fine scoring with only three points separating first from sixth. Head of the group with thirty-eight points Colin Greig took first place, a cut in handicap is on its way. In a rare visit to the Bunker, Alan Sullivan took second place with thirty-six points edging out Ken Davidson on countback. Neil Hurst, Niall Glover, and Neil Jones were locked together on thirty-five and placed in that order. All the near pins were taken with one each to Stuart Tinkler, Colin Greig, Craig Dows, and a sneaky one from Dave Galvin, his first appearance on the winner's sheet this visit, no doubt there will be more.


In recent weeks a few players signaled their intent for the club championship with some excellent rounds, Daryl Vernon, Ken Davidson, Neil Hurst, and Colin Greig all showing up well in the lead-up. Kob Glover has gone quiet lately after a run of good scores, perhaps she is keeping her powder dry for the big one, wouldn't it be something special to crown our first lady club champion.



Daryl Vernon winner at Treasure Hill



Neil Hurst, winner at Bangpakong



Colin Greig, winner at Pattavia



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