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Is the Bolt taxi app reliable and better than grab? Also, is the price which comes up a fixed price or just an estimate? 

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It's not better than Grab, but both work reliable, and Bolt is cheaper.

The price that it shows you is fixed if the driver sticks to the suggested shortest route. If the driver takes a different route which is longer the price might increase.

Even if the driver takes a different route because he missed a turn and now has to do a U-Turn 2 kilometers up the road, you will be charged for it, but in using the app many times it has only happened twice to me yet, and this were like 10 baht extra or so.


There is now also the app InDriver, where you can make an offer regarding how much you are willing to pay (the app makes a price suggestion, which is a bit lower than what Bolt charges, you can adjust this). If multiple drivers accept your offer you can choose which driver you want, the drivers are also able to make counter offers if they think what you offer is too low.

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