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Tinned Asparagus in Thailand?

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Anyone found tinned Asparagus in Thailand? I know can buy it in the market and cheap / delicious too  but tinned has some other quality I fancy now and then 🙂 

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Eeewww... canned isn't yummy and healthy at all. If fresh ones are not available, the next option should be the BOTTLED ones from France. Not sure if they are available at Villa market (Makro and Tesco definitely not) but I bought some when I was in Phnom Penh.



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Thanks for reminding me, I bought a large 800g can of tinned white asparagus from Friendship a year or two back and need to use it. It was cheap by Thai standards, around 180 Baht I think, but now that Makro regularly stocks wonderful fresh green and white asparagus I haven't bothered with the tinned stuff for a long time. I mostly use it on pizzas, it works great with ham, salami or anchovies, but it's also good as a salad vegetable, or just as a snack with lashings of butter. Yum!



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