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Social media success! Police in Phuket find driver who went the wrong way - 500 baht fine


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I could sit at places on Highway 11 near where I live and video all the traffic down the wrong side of the highway.
I'd bet I could capture 20 to 50 a day.  It happens that often. 
Another place on Highway 11 people routinely drive down the wrong side of the highway to get from a U-turn to a side road.  That intersection is maybe 100 yards  from a police station.  Trust me - who cares?

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There is a busy U-turn i frequently need to take, and at least 75% of the time there will be motorbikes or 3 wheelers going the wrong way on the road i turn into - it is a very slow U-turn i have to make!

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21 hours ago, webfact said:

A contrite "A" said that he was very sorry and wouldn't do it again.


He was fined the top rate - 500 baht.


The chief said that this proved that his men were not letting people get away with things.


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