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Seven-year-old girl dies from a gunshot after nine-year-old boy accidentally opens fire in Rassada, Phuket


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By Goongnang Suksawat


Rassada – A seven-year-old girl died from a gunshot after a nine-year-old boy accidentally opened fire at a house in Rassada.


The Phuket City Police Chief Colonel Sarawut Chooprasit told the Phuket Express today (August 8th), “Over the weekend we were notified from a hospital that a seven-year-old girl died from a gunshot wound.”


“The nine year-old boy, who is her relative, accidentally opened fire in their relative’s house where a new house blessing ceremony was being held on the first floor. The boy and the girl were playing on the second floor in a bedroom.”


Full story: https://thephuketexpress.com/2022/08/08/seven-year-old-girl-dies-from-a-gunshot-after-nine-year-old-boy-accidentally-opens-fire-in-rassada-phuket/


-- © Copyright The Phuket Express 2022-08-09

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"A new house blessing ceremony was held ......... (they) .......were playing on the second floor.."

Well, the ceremony could have been under a better star then. 

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Clearly an accident so not surprised the police are hesitant to add to the family's grief. The boy will have to live with this. 

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5 hours ago, Geoffggi said:

One has to ask the question WHY?? This lackadaisical attitude is exactly what is wrong with the RTP and rules in general.

One has to consider the lackadaisical attitude of the parents.

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2 hours ago, Bangkok Barry said:

(Americans need not respond).

Not all Americans are gun nuts.


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Parents are responsible for this .

Why wasn't the Gun stored properly? 

Why was it Loaded ?

Was it a Legal Registered Gun? 

Throw the book at the parents .

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Again !  unsecured weapons left for kids to play with. this country is pathetic with gun control. lock 'um up in a cabinet secured to the wall ! but of course you need guns handy at a house blessing in Thailand. how did that go by the way ?

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