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What am I missing?

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24 minutes ago, rogerpattaya said:

That would suggest that financially I am worth 3 Thais economically, every year.

and politically, a Thai is worth 100000000 falangs

and in reality, a Thai is worth 100000000000000000 falangs

and in the eyes of all Thais and the law, a Thai is worth 100000000000000000000 falangs


40k a month is nothing at all.  impossible to matter to anyone, so you have no leverage.


Then a Thai goes to falangland and sees 100,000 homeless and say , "I am worth more than all of you, combined!!!"



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Centuries old Thai "pride" of never been colonized still strongly prevails today. Thais do not want too many farang in the country permanently.  They don't want foreign influence other than Chinese, and that's why they rarely look outside the country for (already proven) solutions to problems.  "Thai know better than farang. Thai know best". And as you can see given very restrictive property rights to foreigners, it's "policy and traditions" to let in as few farang as possible. Our expat money spent in Thailand is a mere pittance against the 68 million Thais spending and billions the Government spends annually.

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The contribution of Chinese and Indians is not thought  to be quite low by anybody  who is actually informed about such matters. Its just a conceit of white people.

White people are not God's gift to creation nor the tourist  economy  of the world

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