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Fav Hack,....& Urs...?

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Maybe some simple mod to your bike that was really


#1 de papa:

those mesh venting seat covers;

super cheap & effective.


Whats Urs?

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I use those small wide angle mirrors attached on both side to side mirrors, takes a bit to get used to them, but it shows the guys sneak on you in traffic....


Papa; I had those mesh covers on my old bike, the girls siting on the back with short pants or skirts cursed me so much, it had to come off..., should have seen the back of their thighs in honey comb red tattoo afterwards...!!! 😅

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Not sure if its a hack... 


But I wanted ‘dash-cam’ capability all the time and didn’t want to rely on ‘go-pro’ type mounts and worry about charging or switching it on etc... 


I have an INNOV-K2 camera set up (one at the front one at the rear) which covers most angles except directly from the side. 

Its hardwired to the battery so it's always on when ignition is on and records on a loop (files are protected if there is an impact).



Screenshot 2022-08-17 at 09.50.58.png

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#2:  Balance Beads, for tires.

Perfectly balanced tires.

Smoother ride at highway speeds.

Faster and better fuel economy & tire life.

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Bought from Chiangmai Saddlebags

but they are out of biz.

Also Contact Balance Beads.

Both avail ebay,

but shipping is high.


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3. ...been adding a splash of 2T oil to

the E10

in the ceeber, Lifan & KTM;

~5ml/1-teaspoon for

~8 liter gas on fill-up.

Theoretically reduces ring/wall friction


reduces carbon buildup >> sticking of rings in the grove >> blow-by


maybe prevents tank rusting somewhat.

Seems to run smoother.


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