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Difference between "khøø", "yak dai" and "ao"

Baron Samedi

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What is the difference between "khøø", "yak dai" and "ao" ?

"khøø saparot, krap" = "ao saparot, krap" = "yak dai saparot, krap" ?

The difference is too subtle for my tiny brain 😁

I need help !


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who knows???!!!!!


Khooo.......   want, more polite.  Like, "please turn down the music." or talking with an elder


Yaak dai..... means I yes, i want.    Like, "I want to eat ..... "   Phom Yaak gin ....  


Ao.......want, give, take........ and it's SHORTER, so easier to use with kids, friends, etc....


then there is DTONG GAAN...... a different kind of want, but LONGER......  maybe like a "must" have


I almost never say Khoaw or whatever (I write Thai, not this stuff. lol).   It really depends who you are talking to....... at a restaurant.... Ao is fine.  easy, quick.   



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