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Does the Iconic Title: "Under My Thumb" hold any special personal Connotation for You, during this Raining Season?


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Dear Friends, as usual,


Watching the rains come down, if you are like me, then, the resultant slight flooding might bring forth feelings of one's most memorable girlfriend, of the stormy kind.


Just now, as I watched the downpour, the sight of this reminded me of a song, long forgotten.


This is a song which was once considered to be slightly un-PC.  But, the beat is just too good, and somehow complements the sound of the rain.


Therefore, in your case, how do you feel about this great tune?  Is it unforgettable?


Lyrics, like poetry, is personal.

Every one of us reacts in a different way to the same poetry.


Under My Thumb is one of the greatest songs every performed.

You might not know unless you had been there, at that time.

But, it was.


It was like, FINALLY, she is under my thumb.

Finally, I might be able to control her.

You know?


So what does this song mean to you?


Having read this forum for almost a number of years,

I have read tales of woe, as well as tales of gladness.


In my opinion, this single composition from Keith Richards and Mick Jagger epitomizes just how most of us may be feeling now, during this extended raining season.


It is not the rain that I am talking about.

It is being cooped up with one's beloved, month after month, and under her thumb.


Or, you might have her under your thumb.


Either way, this tune is so fantastic for a rainy day.


You cannot deny it.


Enjoy, please.

Or, not...

Ups to you.





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56 minutes ago, zzaa09 said:


In my opinion, this is Jagger's best. Funny that you might think so, too. 


So sad, really. Because, without The Stones, Jagger might have been a star. 


Anyway, great video of what might have been. 

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