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Good time to sell land in Samui/Lamai?

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I have 5 rai in Lamai, Samui.  I've owned this land for 18 years, transferred to my wife 10 years ago.  We no longer live in Thailand and we would like to sell the land.  Any thoughts on market sales potential?


Are the sales on Samui increasing?

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Still in recovery ... and will be for many years to come.


Selling depends on value to seller, along with ages of seller.   Wait 5 yrs for a better price, maybe, or get & spend now.  Or, invest in something else that is moving up.  


I'm soon to be 68 (wife 46), so we sold everything  (house & 4 lots), even though a buyer's market, and invested in retirement home (last house build) along with eliminating most monthly bills; mortgage/rent, utilities (solar), along with transport cost / petrol, (again EVs & solar).


Enjoying it all now, with lots more monthly pocket money, and security (oops fund), minimal cost future for the wife, after I krap out.  Seemed a much better idea for us, than waiting to sell, at better price, or OK price if an expensive emergency popped up.

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