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Power restoration in Washington state delayed as utility company discovers ‘new issue’ as it attempts to repair vandalized substations


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After thousands of customers in Pierce County, Washington, were affected Sunday when burglars vandalized three energy substations, power was then knocked out for even more homes after a suspect or suspects gained access to a fourth substation, vandalizing the equipment and causing a fire, according to an update from the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department.

The damaged equipment cut power to around 14,000 customers, police said, weeks after an attack in North Carolina left thousands in the dark for days amid federal warnings of extremist threats to electricity infrastructure.

Tacoma Public Utilities said Tuesday afternoon it estimates power restoration by 2 p.m. PT, three hours later than initially anticipated, according to a tweet from the company.



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I’m really surprised they haven’t arrested anyone yet I know they are devoting a lot of resources to catch the perpetrators due to the seriousness of the crime and potential of causing major disruptions 

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The first substation, located in Spanaway, Washington, and belonging to Tacoma Public Utilities, was attacked around 5:30 a.m. local time, according to the Pierce County Sheriff's Department. Nothing was stolen, but equipment was vandalized, leading to outages in the area, police said.

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13 hours ago, Chomper Higgot said:

Interesting link. While I'm not shocked they were white supremacist domestic terrorists, I am wondering how they thought that these actions would deliver the result they sought. Were the areas attacked mainly black? I'm really at a loss to connect the dots.


FBI and CIA need to take out these groups by declaring them as terrorist organizations.

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Fears of extremist campaign after another attack on Washington state power station


But it follows warnings by US officials that neo-Nazis who say they want to spark a race war are targeting electricity stations.


They planned the attack to create "general chaos" as part of their "goal of creating a white ethno-state," the indictment said.



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