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MRNA vaccines ind the UK - where do we go now ?


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I refer to this https://parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/d0cc6561-6ab9-46ea-8d6d-f07ac0cf136d and the notable Andrew Bridgen MP's comments at 7.04 pm
1. It's said there have been almost 500,000 yellow card reports of adverse effects relating to the use of the Pfizer/BioNTech MRNA covid vaccines and apparently this is more than total reported yellow cards from all sources over the last 40 years. It's also held that normally it's just 1 in 10 of these events that get reported . . .
The journal 'Vaccine' analysed the original Pfizer trial data and concluded that one in 800 adverse reactions ranked as SERIOUS 'adverse events', more than the chances of being hospitalised with the original wuhan strain.
2. The original emergency approval for the Pfizer covid vaccine was given because it showed it reduced the risk of infection by 95%, (is that an absolute risk reduction of 95%?)
Later data from the Omicron era says the absolute risk reduction is 0.84% meaning that 119 people are treated to prevent 1 infection and that for people over the age of 80, 7,380 people need the vax to prevent 1 death and that number becomes enormous with younger age groups.
3. A paper from Israel showed a 25% increase in cardiac arrests in 16-39 year olds and the UK showed an extra 14,000 cardiac arrests in 2021 over 2020. Myself I've seen many other reports of this nature.
4. The MP feels that FDA/MHRA would be more independent if not mainly financed directly or indirectly through Pharma and that all trial data should be in public domain.
In concluding the MP implores the Govt to halt the use of MRNA vaccines completely and whilst the debate doesn't bubble on, there are frequent reports of the Govt making massive commitments, (not disclosed) to Moderna for massive future supplies of MRNA covid vaccines, presumably as updated for new variants. Similar reports from Canada, Australia, the USA.
There may bes helpful 2nd generation vaccine of more 'universal' nature coming through and it would be good to know that they will get a fair 'hearing' as it were. The Govt. and Moderna have fully committed apparently to MRNA  but it is still quite possible that another Pharma will Partner some other 2nd generation candidate which will be seen to be far superior.
Are the Govt  locked into early 2020 panic mode as far as Covid is concerned ?
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Sorry let me add to that - I've tried hard to understand what's going on here. I may have misinterpreted something, in which case, I am eager to learn.


Covid wise I am not 'vax' or 'anti vax' but I want to know more about what's going on in truth. OK my comments are about the UK but it's likely that Thailand will follow Europe/USA in their future moves si it affects us here.


I've had wuhan and omicron once each and 4 MHRA vax - atm though, I'm reluctant to go further.


Hoping a genuinely better and safe vax may emerge. Maybe I'll wait until then !


Meantime it's E & O E. ATB


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