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Dentist Recommendation - Pattaya

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Broken Veneer isn't the best start to the New Year 😞 & whilst my Dentist (S Clinic) in Bangkok is awesome, I really don't fancy having to traipse over there 3-4 times over the next few weeks to get a new one so was hoping somebody could recommend a good dentist in Pattaya... Or at least tell me why I shouldn't just go to see Dr Cherry at Dentist @the Beach, Central Festival.


Not too concerned about them being the cheapest, just want them to do a good job & maybe I could stop having to go to Bangkok for check-ups / cleaning etc...





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For what its worth - I can highly recommend The Dental Design Center - They are very close to Central in Pattaya - I have done 3 crowns over almost 3 years ..  They did not close down over Covid - They have 4.8 review on Google (out of 49) - I also go there for regular check ups every 6 months ...

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Thanks for all the recommendation guys, one of the things that I should have mentioned is I also need the Dentist to do Invisalign as I want them to check if I'll need a new retainer with the new veneer (I'm concerned that it won't be exactly the same shape/size as the old one).


Appreciate that most if not all of the Dentists recommended will do Invisalign but none* seem to mention it on their Websites so after searching for recommended Invisalign Dentists in Pattaya I've ended up going with  https://orthosmiledental.com/ on North Pattaya Road.


Prices seem to be the same as most of the Dentists (exception being Hollywood Smile who were 2K cheaper) but after spending 180K on Invisalign treatment (alone) 3 years back I thought it best to play it safe & go with a recommended provider.  


* @rvaviator  recommendation of The Dental Design Center do promote Invisalign & were the other Dentist that I was considering, as it is, I hadn't seen his recommendation in time & Ortho Smile are in a more convenient location for me (I live in Wongamat) so they just edged it. 



Thanks again for all recommendations  

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