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Freehold/Leasehold in Phuket?!

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Know that many of you guy's live in Phuket and i thinking buy apartment or villa from Phuket. End relationship whit my Mrs. in North and want move close to osean and place where have different life style than what can call "Isaan" life. Just asking what you recommend to get own nice place! 

Budget can be even 1 million €. But want when im not in Thailand have some maintenance (cleaning etc.). Im normaly 6 month in Thailand and 6 month out. Hope get real advice's, nice if get more info from people who have knowledge! 


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If you haven't lived on Phuket (or anywhere else) long term, 1 to 2 years/seasons, then most would suggest you rent before buying in to anything.  Condos are the only option, where you have complete control of ownership.


Doubt if 1 mill will get you much, or close to the surf (relative) if that's your thinking.


Since asking, think you need a lot more research, thus the advice to rent.

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1 hour ago, HampiK said:

He is talking about 1 million EURO not Bath. Therefore, it will be enough.

If I have 1 mill USD to consider for housing, anywhere, TH wouldn't make my top 3 choices.  Depending on age, would consider the nomadic life.


Depends why you want to live in TH, as long as clean air & seas aren't a priority.  Or the ability to own a comfy home, vs a condo, though with that budget, it would be a comfy condo.

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I've lived in Phuket for over 10 years. If I were you who is new to this place, I would consider rent a place first. After I got familiar with the areas, then maybe I'll decide what to do (buying or renting). On the other hand, if you insist on buying a property immediately, I recommend you get a reputable hotel resort. Since you plan to spend only 6 months of a year in Phuket, when you are not around, the hotel staff can do the cleaning and maintenance for you.

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