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Kevin McCarthy says he has votes to become US House Speaker


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Kevin McCarthy says he now has enough support to become Speaker of the US House of Representatives, amid the longest such congressional stalemate in more than 150 years.

The front-runner has lost 13 rounds of ballots over four days despite his Republicans holding a majority of seats in the lower chamber of Congress.

Fifteen of 20 or so holdouts changed their vote on Friday to back him, but six diehard dissidents remain.



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It seems pretty obvious that if he gives the radicals enough that then they will vote for him.

The question is how much is enough for those radicals?

And according to some articles live will be very difficult for ordinary GOP politicians if they have to please the radicals constantly for the next years.

We will see.

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2 hours ago, Tug said:

Possibly so but he will hostage to every nutter in the house to me it seems to be a recipe for total disfunction paper tiger imo 

The sad part is obviously that lots of people voted for those nutters... 

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3 hours ago, 300sd said:

Too bad. He's another Pelosi! Part of the swamp.

Donalds would of been perfect imop.

The Establishment status quo-was exposed to the world! Negotiations on measures to hold the speaker accountable were changed, amongst other important improvements.

Now comes the hard part making rules and sticking by them while holding the leaders accountable!


Hopefully one of those committee’s they use in oversight will critique  the Intel agency’s, perform impeachment hearings on biden and audit the billions that was appropriated in spending !


Tip of the hat to those who bucked the swamp to make legislation transparent for the American people .

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