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Who Do You Think Smoked More Cigars during their lifetime? Durante, Welles, Burns, or G. Marx and Gleason?


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Dear Friends,


Did they smoke cheap cigars?

How did their women tolerate their cigar smoking?


Did they always remain kissably sweet? 


Did cigar smoking enhance their personas?


Burns survived his cigar smoking to become a centenarian, and almost nobody saw Burns without a cigar, unless it was on Sesame Street. 

Burns seemed to always need something in his hand as a prop. If not a cigar, then Kermit the Frog.


Which entertainer had the biggest cigar?

Burns must have had custom cigars rolled for him because who ever saw a bigger one?


Did they break import laws when smoking Cuban cigars in the USA?


Who is the greatest cigar smoker of them all?

Did they smoke cigars in bed?


I have never smoked a Cuban cigar, but the Jamaican cigars were not too bad.


As a child, I hated the site of a half-eaten cigar in an ashtray.


These days, smoking cigars on camera is frowned upon.


Cigar-smoking days now seem like the good old days.










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Groucho Marx began to smoke a brand of Cuban cigars called La Preferencias due to the fact they were advertised as offering '30 Minutes in Havana'. In a move that perfectly summarises Groucho's humour, he returned to the shop to complain after the cigar only smoked for 20 minutes!


(Is this true?) 


And, which popular entertainer smoked the longest Cuban cigars, the 9.25-incher, called the 'A'? 

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