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ERCP in Bangkok


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Dear all,


I have gallstones that obstructs the biliary conduct. They need to be removed using ERCP (Endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography) and I was wondering if anyone had a similar issues. I am looking for a place to remove them ASAP (at a reasonable price) using ERCP and at the moment I am still undergoing testing (but since I have visited a few doctors, it's the most probably root cause) in both public (I am covered as I have social security) and private hospital.


Thanks all and take care of yourselves 😊

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Which is your nominated SS hospital? Only some hospitals in Thailand have capacity to do ERCP. Mainly university hospitals and large "international" private hospitals.


SS will cover you only at your nominated hospital or hospital it refers you to.



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Which is your SS hospital?Does ti have capacity to do ERCP?


Under SS it will either be free or with small additional charge (10-20k).


At a private hospital ERCP + GB removal (usually done together) is around 400k.

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