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kurieg K-cups not recycled like advertised. Get your free 5$


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My question is about the 5$ settlement class action lawsuit everyone is entitled to even without proof of purchase. 


Out of boredom I attempted to sign up for my 2 free  craft brews of great IPA style.   

Yes top beers in USA. Can be had  at less than 110 baht/12 oz. 


I read it all and didn't see any cost to join. But then it got to submit info and had 4 payment method choice. I used Venmo. Never saw how much it cost  even when I was at the Venmo pay method confirm page.  This was the step after  confirming Venmo with an emailed verification code.  

I erased all my info and closed the window.  Name, address, email, 


Can any tech person comment on this so I and others can learn where the risks are.   I'm pretty tech savey but I worry about my 89 yr old father.  


Possibly a more interesting topic is how do you feel about a company deceiving consumer's ? Is your 5 $ offer just away  to get  your information.    And is this information used in election ad targeting. 



I'm thinking a conversation person wouldn't join as often as more liberal individuals.  Add in a few other metrics and it could really help target a voting demographic. 

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