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Jomtien beach Miami Market


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The latest market on Jomtien beach road seems cooler than the old one that was playing very bland music 

kast week and seemed very boring compated to in the past.

Down the road is the new Jomtien beach Miami market which had a cooler vibe with Kareoke!.

 Who else digs it?

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Not as extensive a food selection as other night markets but the quality seems pretty good; more selections aimed at Thais rather than tourists.  The fried chicken from the vendor in the 7/11 parking lot is consistently good.  Lots of seating and a decent parking area.  Prices are not as marked-up as Jomtien Night Market.


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Is Miami the one with the unstable astroturf making it difficult to walk without stumbling a bit? It's okay but Jomtien Night Market seems to have expanded a bit and has much better food options. I have seen prices spike up a bit but nothing nearly as bad as what I've seen in Pattaya. For instance the new Bangladeshi Kebab guy raised his Kebab from 60-70baht, not bad. Plus, he's a lot friendlier than the other Kebab guy in the other row, who did jack his Kebab's up to 80 or 90 but due to the new competition lowered it back down. 

Signed, Jomtien Night Market Inspector. 

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