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Chinese influx and covid


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Today's other newspaper reports that there aren't really many bookings by Chinese yet. The hotels expect tourism from China to pick up in Q4, that's the end of the year.


Right now, covid is ripping through China, it's on the news everywhere,  for example in this link


China reports about 60000 covid deaths in the first month that restrictions were lifted. Many news outlets report that experts think the true figure may be 10 times higher and want more data.



The peak may have passed (in the cities).

A couple of days ago, there were reports that 90% of people in Beijing have been infected already. 


For Thailand,  and for people who live in Thailand, this means when the Chinese come next winter the exit wave of covid in China has long passed. 



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Maybe i shouldn't say it but i don't feels sorry for the Chinese, not one bit, they brought it all on themselves and ON US in process...

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