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String trimmer


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Does anyone know of any good electric string trimmers? I've tried about 4 different brands and none of them have lasted very long. I've also tried moving up a string size (dia), and also moving down a size. I'm only trimming the edge of the lawn a small residential property that has grass, not tough weeds or strong stemmed plants.

The electric trimmers I've tried work great for around six months to a year then the string starts breaking at the hole where it comes of of the bobbin. I've checked the hole and there are no sharp edges or burrs on it that would break the string. It goes about a meter then breaks; then it's, take off the bobbin, find the end of the string, wind it back on, put it all back together and start again in order to get another meter trimmed.

The only thing that made me feel better was when I threw one of them across the street about 15 meters into a vacant piece of land, I was on top of the world that day! I was laughing my head off as I watched it tumble in the air and then hit the ground with a thud, awesome! After I came back from buying a new one I noticed the one I had thrown away was gone. I thought to myself, "You screwed up taking that, you'll have hours and hours of fun with it like I did."

Anyway, any sane suggestions are greatly appreciated, thanks in advance.

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I tried a few electric strimmers but never found one to be satisfactory. I ended up buying a string head which I can attach to my 4-stroke Honda petrol strimmer.

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