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Three distinct prehistoric animal fossils unearthed in Khon Kaen


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A new discovery has surfaced in the Tambon Muang Wan region of Nam Phong district, Khon Kaen, as fossils of three different prehistoric animals have been unearthed. This comes as an addition to the previous findings in the same area.


The analysis of the collected fossils is being undertaken by a team led by Sasa-On Khansubha, a palaeontologist affiliated with the Sirindhorn Dinosaur Museum in Kalasin. Preliminary results hint that the fossils could belong to a carnivorous dinosaur with a diet consisting of fish, a herbivorous dinosaur, and a marine species.


The site of the discovery is known as the Khok Kruat Formation, a rock formation believed to be between 100 and 110 million years old. Given the presence of fish-eating dinosaurs, the area is speculated to have been a rich biodiversity hotspot, abundant in food sources, reported Bangkok Post.


This discovery adds to the collection of 110-million-year-old fossils found in late January in Tambon Muang Wan, which belonged to sauropod and spinosaurid species.

“Safeguarding the site of discovery has been a priority. It has been cordoned off to prevent any potential damage to undiscovered fossils,” said Sasa-On. She holds a firm belief that the area could potentially house more fossils of dinosaurs or other ancient animals.


The site is now under the protection of the Fossil Protection Act, enabling geologists to conduct a thorough search and collect as much evidence as possible.


The palaeontologist also noted the uncertainty surrounding whether the fish-eating and herbivorous dinosaurs are the same species as those of the 130-million-year-old fossils discovered in Phu Wiang district in Khon Kaen.


In related news, dinosaur fossils, estimated to be between 100 million to 110 million years old, have been unearthed in the Nam Phong district of Khon Kaen.


The fossils, thought to be from the sauropod and spinosaurid species, were discovered by a team from the Department of Mineral Resources, led by Sasa-On Khansubha, a palaeontologist from the Sirindhorn Dinosaur Museum.


by Mitch Connor

Picture courtesy of Bangkok Post


Full story: The Thaiger 2024-02-22


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