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Mole Check

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Daughter is visiting for a month and apart from an annual health check, at Jomtien hospital, she wants to have 2 small miles checked out.


Any suggestions for Pattaya to Sattahip area - and does anyone know if Jomtien hospital offers such a service (nothing obvious on their website).

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It's not in Pattaya, but not far, and I personally wouldn't go anywhere else:


Back in 2015 I had a pre-melanoma mole removed on my back. It was diagnosed in America, but since I was going to Thailand in a few weeks I decided to take care of it in Thailand. I went to the government university hospital, "The Institute of Dermatology" in Bangkok. Google map link:




I arrived at 6:00 when they opened. I registered.


I saw a doctor at 11:00.


I was in surgery at 13:00 (after lunch).


I paid and was out the door before 15:00.


I was incredibly impressed with everything. The cost at the time: $12. And this included all the lab work to make sure they cut deep enough (they tested what they removed). This might sound like a long day, but had I taken care of this in America it would have been a half dozen appointments spread out over 6-8 weeks and hundreds of dollars in insurance copays. Today I expect the total cost would be under $50.


Since this experience I've learned university hospitals are the way to go. They're government hospitals, so cheaper - yet in my experience a much better quality of care.


I'm not in Thailand at the moment, but when I return next year I will go there for a full body skin exam.


- Thomas


P.S. Additionally, the "Thai Travel Clinic" is right next door. In my opinion it's the best place to get low cost vaccines in all of Thailand.

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