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Department of Highways announces Rama II Road upgrades will be completed in 2025

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There is an end in sight to the ongoing construction of the main route between Bangkok and the south of Thailand.


The Department of Highways has confirmed that the long-awaited upgrades to Rama II Road, a key artery to Thailand’s southern region, are set to be completed by 2025.


The Department of Highways (DOH) and the Expressway Authority of Thailand (EXAT) recently moved to address some of the challenges brought about by the extensive construction work on the road, which is one of the main routes to Cha-am and Hua Hin.


The move to expedite the construction of the expressway came amid reports that congestion and delays as a result of the project were among the reasons that were putting tourists off from visiting Hua Hin.


By Online Reporter 

Rama II Road. Photo taken August 2023. File photo


Full story: HUA HIN TODAY 2024-02-29


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Finishing just this first section of the highway by next year would be great....however, there are long sections where no work has started yet...some contractors have left the site having completed their allotment of work.....the site seems almost deserted during the day.

The completed highway will eventually go to Petchaburi interchange......but then, maybe that's a pipe dream.

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Lies, lies and more lies. Will the lies ever stop? Is it possible that any government official can somehow figure out a way to establish any sort of connection to truth and reality? They're only working up to kilometer 37 at this point. Beyond that there's no work that's has even started yet. How is this link going to be finished all the way to Patchburi, in one year?


How long have they been working on this project already? 15 years, and likely another 15 years to go.


Stop the lies. 

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Dec 31?.....Idiots.


I remember my first encountered with a professional outfit ......Komatsu.......


When will you complete?


Errrr......next week.


Which day?




Morning or afternoon?




What time?







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